Geometric morphometrics app in alpha release

2nd June 2016 by PhyloNimbus

The PhyloNimbus geometric morphometrics app is currently in an alpha release. It is currently able to collect 2D and 3D geometric morphometric landmarks and linear measurements. We are in the process of adding additional features, in particular for the digitization of semilandmarks.

While in this phase of active development, the software will be in a state of flux. Although we don't anticipate removing any features, we cannot guarantee that new updates will be 100% compatible with earlier versions.

Current features

  • 2D landmark digitization from .jpg files
  • 3D landmark digitization from .ply files
  • Linear measurement in 2D and 3D
  • Scale measurements and landmarks to a scale bar within the image/model

In development

  • Semilandmark digitization
  • Procrustes alignment
  • Landmark statistical analyses

Is the morphometrics software working for you? Is something not working? Do you want to request a feature? Get in touch and let us know.