Collect semilandmarks in PhyloNimbus

20th October 2016 by PhyloNimbus

The most update to Phylonimbus brings the ability to collect semilandmarks from both 2D images and 3D meshes.

How to collect semilandmarks

From the documentation:

Make sure the "Curves" button is selected. Hold down the "Ctrl" button and left click on the image/mesh at points that define the curve. Double click at the final point to finish the curve. A red line should appear as you digitize the curve, and the curve should appear in the list of measurements after you have finished drawing it.

Other news

With this update, the PhyloNimbus morphometrics digitization software moves from Alpha to Beta. All the major features that I plan to add are now in place, and future updates will focus on bugfixes and minor improvements. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions.