Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

A Memoir on the Discovery of Certain Bones of a Quadruped of the Clawed Kind in the Western Parts of Virginia - 1799

Notice of the discovery of the remains of the Ichthyosaurus in Missouri, N. A. - 1834

Description of an entire Head and various other Bones of the Mastodon - 1843

Description of an extinct species of American Lion: Felis atrox - 1853

Observations on the extinct peccary of North America; being a sequel to "A memoir on the extinct Dicotylinae of America" - 1860

Extinct vertebrates from the Judith River and Great Lignite Formations of Nebraska - 1860

Synopsis of the extinct Batrachia, Reptilia, and Aves of North America. Part 1 - 1869

Supplement to the extinct Batrachia and Reptilia of North America. I. Catalogue of the air-breathing Vertebrata from the Coal-measures of Linton, Ohio - 1874

On the attachment of Platyceras to palaeocrinoids, and its effects in modifying the form of the shell - 1888

The Mammalia of the Deep River beds - 1895

Fossil Mammalia of the White River beds of Montana - 1902

Tertiary Vertebrate Faunas of the North Coalinga Region of California. A Contribution to the Study of Pal├Žontologic Correlation in the Great Basin and Pacific Coast Provinces - 1915

The Mammalian Fauna of the White River Oligocene: Part I. Insectivora and Carnivora - 1936

Paleocene faunas of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico - 1937

The Mammalian Fauna of the White River Oligocene: Part II. Rodentia - 1937

The mammalian fauna of the White River Oligocene; Part 4, Artiodactyla; Part 5, Perissodactyla - 1940

No title - 1940

The mammalian fauna of the White River Oligocene. Part V. Perissodactyla - 1941

The Mammalia of the Duchesne River Oligocene - 1945

The anatomy of Callimico goeldii (Thomas): a primitive American primate - 1959

The Early Tertiary Rodents of the Family Paramyidae - 1962

No title - 1963

No title - 1963

Mammalian fauna of the Drewsey Formation, Bartlett Mountain, Drinkwater and Otis Basin local faunas - 1963

Mammalian fauna of the Upper Juntura formation, the Black Butte local fauna - 1963

The Carnivora of the Hagerman Local Fauna (Late Pliocene) of Southwestern Idaho - 1970

No title - 1980

Actinopterygian fish remains from the Paleocene of South Carolina - 1998

Geology of the Black Mingo Group (Paleocene) in the Kingstree and St. Stephen Areas of South Carolina - 1998

Paleocene turtle remains from South Carolina - 1998

Chondrichthyan fishes from the Paleocene of South Carolina - 1998

Coprolites of the Black Mingo Group (Paleocene) of the South Carolina - 1998

Late Paleocene land-mammals from the Williamsburg Formation (Black Mingo Group) of South Carolina - 1998

North Carolina and South Carolina - 2002

The ground sloth Megalonyx; (Xenarthra, Megalonychidae) from the Pleistocene (late Irvingtonian) Camelot local fauna, Dorchester County, South Carolina - 2010