Gondwana Research

Global review of Permian Tyloplecta Muir-Wood and Cooper, 1960 (Brachiopoda): morphology, palaeobiogeographical and palaeogeographical implications - 2003

Global distribution of Permian conulariids and palaeobiogeographical implications - 2003

First record of marine bivalves from the Talchir Formation of the Satpura Gondwana basin, India: palaeobiogeographic implications - 2003

The first Upper Triassic vertebrate locality in Antarctica - 2004

Roadoceras (Permian Ammonoidea) from the Qubuerga Formation in the Mt Everest area in southern Tibet - 2004

Systematic palaeontology, in Roadoceras (Permian Ammonoidea) from the Qubuerga Formation in the Mt Everest area in southern Tibet - 2004

Newly Discovered Fish Faunas from the Early Triassic, Karoo Basin, South Africa, and their Correlative Implications - 2004

Uberabasuchus terrificus sp. nov., a new Crocodylomorpha from the Bauru Basin (Upper Cretaceous), Brazil - 2004

Temnospondyls from the Beaufort Group (Karoo Basin) of South Africa and their biostratigraphy - 2004

Baurusuchus salgadoensis, a new crocodylomorpha from the Bauru Basin (Cretaceous), Brazil - 2005

Titanosaur (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) osteoderms from the Maastrichtian of Uberaba, Minas Gerais state, Brazil - 2005

Adamantinasuchus navae: A new Gondwanan Crocodylomorpha (Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil - 2006

The sauropod diversity of the La Amarga Formation (Barremian), Neuquén (Argentina) - 2007

Vertebrate dinoturbation from the Caturrita Formation (Late Triassic, Paraná Basin), Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil - 2007

Notes on fossil remains from the Early Cretaceous Lohan Cura Formation, Neuquén Province, Argentina - 2007

Cambrian Burgess Shale-type Lagerstäten in South China: Distribution and significance - 2008

First record of stereospondyls (Tetrapoda, Temnospondyli) in the Upper Triassic of Southern Brazil - 2009

Chondrichthyans from the base of the Irati Formation (Early Permian, Paraná Basin), São Paulo, Brazil - 2010

Glaciation and 770 Ma (?) Ediacara fossils from the Lesser Karatau Microcontinent, Kazakhstan - 2010

The oldest evidence for birds in northern Gondwana? Small tridactyl footprints from the Middle Jurassic of Msemrir (Morocco) - 2011

The oldest known metriorhynchid crocodylian from the Middle Jurassic of North-eastern Italy: Neptunidraco ammoniticus gen. et sp. nov. - 2011

Description of the rst lithostrotian titanosaur embryo in ovo with Neutron characterization and implications for lithostrotian Aptian migration and dispersion - 2011

The Triassic conodonts of the NW Malayan Kodiang Limestone revisited: Taxonomy and paleogeographic significance - 2011

New palaeontological investigations in the Jurassic of western Thailand - 2011

The oldest bivalved arthropods from the early Cambrian of East Gondwana: Systematics, biostratigraphy and biogeography - 2011

Zarafasaura oceanis, a new elasmosaurid (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) from the Maastrichtian Phosphates of Morocco and the palaeobiogeography of latest Cretaceous plesiosaurs - 2011

The diverse Cretaceous neobatrachian fauna of South America: Uberabatrachus carvalhoi, a new frog from the Maastrichtian Marília Formation, Minas Gerais, Brazil - 2012

Paleoenvironmental framework of dinosaur tracksites and other ichnofossils in Early Cretaceous mixed siliciclastic-carbonate deposits in the Neuquén Basin, northern Patagonia (Argentina) - 2012

First occurrence of a new Ocruranus-like helcionelloid mollusc from the lower Cambrian of East Gondwana - 2012

The end of the Ediacara biota: Extinction, biotic replacement, or Cheshire Cat? - 2013

Additions to the diversity of elasmosaurid plesiosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous of Antarctica - 2013

New plesiosaur specimens from the Maastrichtian Phosphates of Morocco and their implications for the ecology of the latest Cretaceous marine apex predators - 2013

Early Permian rugose coral Cyathaxonia faunas from the Sibumasu Terrane (Southeast Asia) and the southern Sydney Basin (Southeast Australia): paleontology and paleobiogeography - 2013

The most mysterious beetles: Jurassic Jurodidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) from China - 2013

Small shelly fossils from the early Cambrian Yanjiahe Formation, Yichang, Hubei, China - 2014

A revised Eurogondwana model: Late Cretaceous notosuchian crocodyliforms and other vertebrate taxa suggest the retention of episodic faunal links between Europe and Gondwana during most of the Cretaceous - 2014

A large-bodied silesaurid from the Lifua Member of the Manda beds (Middle Triassic) of Tanzania and its implications for body-size evolution in Dinosauromorpha - 2014

A new early Cambrian bradoriid (Arthropoda) assemblage from the northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia - 2014

Morphology and ontogeny of Hunanocephalus ovalis (trilobite) from the Cambrian of South China - 2014

Jurassic olisthaerine rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae): 165 million years of morphological and probably behavioral stasis - 2015

A 60-million-year Cenozoic history of western Amazonian ecosystems in Contamana, eastern Peru - 2015

The oldest aleocharine rove beetle (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in Cretaceous Burmese amber and its implications for the early evolution of the basal group of hyper-diverse Aleocharinae - 2015

Thalassodromeus sebesensis — A new name for an old turtle. Comment on“Thalassodromeus sebesensis, an out of place and out of time Gondwanan tapejaridpterosaur”, Grellet-Tinner and Codrea - 2015

Osteology and bone microstructure of new, small theropod dinosaur material from the early Late Cretaceous of Morocco - 2015

Thalassodromeus sebesensis, an out of place and out of time Gondwanan tapejarid pterosaur - 2015

Lower Cambrian helcionelloid macromolluscs from South Australia - 2015

Revision of the sauropod dinosaur Diamantinasaurus matildae Hocknull et al. 2009 from the mid-Cretaceous of Australia: Implications for Gondwanan titanosauriform dispersal - 2015

New remains and new insights on the Gondwanan meiolaniform turtle Chubutemys copelloi from the Lower Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina - 2015

†Alienoptera — A new insect order in the roach-mantodean twilight zone - 2016

Taxonomic names, in †Alienoptera — A new insect order in the roach-mantodean twilight zone - 2016