Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS

New materials on turtles of the family Nanhsiungchelyidae from the Cretaceous of Uzbekistan and Mongolia, with a review of the Nanhsiungchelyid record in Asia - 2008

New material and a revision of turtles of the genus Adocus (Adocidae) from the Late Cretaceous of middle Asia and Kazakhstan - 2009

Stegosaur remains from the Middle Jurassic of west Siberia - 2009

The co-occurrence of non-lissamphibian temnospondyls and salamanders in the Late Jurassic of the southern Junggar Basin (Xinjiang autonomous region, NW China) - 2009

The osteology of Azhdarcho lancicollis Nessov, 1984 (Pterosauria, Azhdarchidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Uzbekistan - 2010

New docodontans from the Middle Jurassic of Siberia and reanalysis of Docodonta interrelationships - 2010

New genus and species of the tribe Opatrini (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Tenebrioninae) from the lowermost Eocene amber of Paris Basin - 2010

A new species of soft-shelled turtle (Trionychidae) from the Middle Eocene of Ukraine - 2011

Turtles of the genus Ferganemys Nessov et Khosatzky, 1977 (Adocidae): shell morphology and phylogenetic position - 2011

New cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattina) from Baltic amber, with the description of a new genus and species: Stegoblatta irmgardgroehni - 2012

Ornithostoma sedgwicki - valid taxon of azhdarchoid pterosaurs - 2012

The forgotten dinosaurs of Zhetysu (Eastern Kazakhstan; Late Cretaceous) - 2012

A redescription of Elkemys australis (Yeh, 1974), a poorly known basal testudinoid turtle from the Paleocene of China - 2012

New species of the genus Trixagus Kugelann, 1794 (Coleoptera: Throscidae) from the lowermost Eocene amber of Oise (France) - 2012

A resdecription and phylogenetic position of Adocus planus, an adocid turtle from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia - 2012

New data on the soft-shelled turtles from the Upper Cretaceous Kyrkkuduk locality of souther Kazakhstan - 2012

New findings of snakes of the genus Palaeophis Owen, 1841 (Acrochordoidea: Palaeophiidae) from the Middle Eocene of Crimea - 2012

On a new ichthyosaur of the genus Undurosaurus - 2014

A new species of the genus Clidicus from the Lower Cretaceous of France (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae) - 2015

On the Upper Jurassic ichthyosaur remains from the Russian north - 2015