Journal of Human Evolution

The Tinderet Miocene sequence in Kenya - 1981

Hominoid Primates from a new Miocene locality named Meswa Bridge in Kenya - 1981

Discovery of two additional prosimian primate families (Omomyidae, Lorisidae) in the African Oligocene - 1986

Jemezius, a new omomyid primate from the early Eocene of northwestern New Mexico - 1987

Stirtonia victoriae, a new species of Miocene Colombian Primate - 1987

A middle Miocene (12.2 my old) forest in the East African Rift Valley, Keny - 1987

Carpal anatomy of Smilodectes gracilis (Adapiformes, Notharctinae) and its significance for lemuriform phylogeny - 1988

No title - 1988

Manual proximal phalanx of Laccopithecus robustus from the latest Miocene site of Lufeng - 1988

A new species of Micropithecus from the middle Miocene of Kenya - 1989

Sedimentary paleoenvironments of fossil platyrrhine localities, Miocene Pinturas Formation, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina - 1990

New fossil platyrrhines from the Pinturas Formation, southern Argentina - 1990

New platyrrhine tali from La Venta, Colombia - 1990

No title - 1990

New hominid fossils from Fejej, Southern Ethiopia - 1991

Dating, Archaeology and Human Fossils from the Middle Stone Age Levels of Die Kelders, South Africa - 1991

A new species of Pliopithecus from the middle Miocene of China and its implications for early catarrhine zoogeography - 1991

The discovery of Moeripthecus markgrafi Schlosser (Propliopithecidae, Anthropoidea, Primates) in the Ashawq Formation (Early Oligocene of Dhofar Province, Sultanate of Oman) - 1991

Fejej: a new paleoanthropological research area in Ethiopia - 1991

Evolutionary relationships of a new genus and three new species of Omomyid primates (Willwood Formation, Lower Eocene, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming) - 1991

No title - 1991

Pliocene and Pleistocene archeological sites west of Lake Turkana, Kenya - 1992

New hominoid fossils from the early Miocene site of Songhor, Kenya - 1992

No title - 1993

Large fossil platyrrhines from the Rio Acre local fauna, late Miocene, western Amazonia - 1993

Early Middle Pleistocene deposits and artefacts in the Gran Dolina site (TD4) of the 'Sierra de Atapuerca' (Burgos, Spain) - 1994

Tephra correlations between the Gadab prehistoric site and the Turkana Basin - 1994

A note on the reported occurrence of very early Homo from West Lake Turkana, Kenya - 1994

Variables versus models of early Pleistocene hominid land use - 1994

New specimens of Neosaimiri fieldsi from La Venta, Colombia: a middle Miocene ancestor of the living squirrel monkeys - 1994

New primate from the Palaeogene of Thailand, and the biogeographical origin of anthropoids - 1995

Presence of the Cercopithecid genus Theropithecus in Cueva Victoria (Murcia, Spain) - 1995

No title - 1995

A new genus of large primate from the late Oligocene of Lothidok, Turkana District, Kenya - 1995

No title - 1995

No title - 1995

New cercamoniine adapid from Fayum, Egypt - 1995

An early date for the Middle Stone Age of central Zambia - 1996

Age of Australopithecus afarensis from Fejej, Ethiopia - 1996

No title - 1996

No title - 1996

Fuente Nueva-3 (Orce, Granada, Spain) and the first human occupation of Europe - 1997

A critical re-evaluation of the evidence for the presence of hominids in Lower Pleistocene times at Venta Micena, Southern Spain - 1997

Body mass in comparative primatology - 1997

New Kohatius (Omomyidae) from the Eocene of Pakistan - 1997

A revised systematic scheme for the Eurasian Miocene fossil Hominidae - 1997

Ecological diversity and community ecology in the Fayum sequence (Egypt) - 1997

No title - 1997

Late Eocene sivaladapid primate from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China. - 1998

Hominid status of the Orce Cranial fragment reasserted - 1998

Carnivores from the Early Pleistocene hominid-bearing Trinchera Dolina 6 (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain) - 1999

Paleolandscape variation and Early Pleistocene hominid activities: Members 1 and 7, Olorgesailie Formation, Kenya - 1999

Implications of the avian fauna for palaeoecology in the Early Pleistocene of the Iberian Peninsula - 1999

Ungulates from Atapuerca TD6 - 1999

The Pleistocene site of Gran Dolina, Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain: a history of the archaeological investigations - 1999

Biochronological implications of the Arvicolidae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the Lower Pleistocene hominid-bearing level of Trinchera Dolina 6 (TD6, Atapuerca, Spain) - 1999

Zooarchaeology and taphonomy of Aurora Stratum (Gran Dolina, Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain) - 1999

Siamopithecus eocaenus, a late Eocene anthropoid primate from Thailand: its contribution to the evolution of anthropoids in Southeast Asia - 1999

No title - 2000

No title - 2000

Middle and later Stone Age large mammal and tortoise remains from Die Kelders Cave 1, Western Cape Province, South Africa - 2000

No title - 2000

Human mandibular incisors from the late Middle Pleistocene locality of Hoedjiespunt 1, South Africa - 2001

A new anthropoid from the latest middle Eocene of Pondaung, central Myanmar - 2001

Notharctine primates (Adapiformes) from the early to middle Eocene (Wasatchian-Bridgerian) of Wyoming: transitional species and the origins of Notharctus and Smilodectes - 2002

Oligocene sivaladapid primate from the Bugti Hills (Balochistan, Pakistan) bridges the gap between Eocene and Miocene adapiform communities in southern Asia. - 2002

The skull of Orce: parietal bones or frontal bones? - 2002

Omomyid primates (Tarsiiformes) from the Early Middle Eocene at South Pass, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming - 2002

The upper dentition and face of Pondaungia cotteri from central Myanmar - 2002

Primate canines from the early Miocene Pinturas Formation, Southern Argentina - 2002

Magnetostratigraphy of the Evron Member - implications for the age of the Middle Acheulian site of Evron Quarry - 2003

New fossil Primate from Chile - 2003

The eosimiid primates (Anthropoidea) of the Heti Formation, Yuanqu Basin, Shanxi and Henan Provinces, People's Republic of China - 2004

Occurrence of Theropithecus sp. in the Late Villafranchian of Southern Italy and implication for Early Pleistocene 'out of Africa' dispersals. - 2004

Inferring hominoid and early hominid phylogeny using craniodental characters: the role of fossil taxa - 2004

Discovery of a highly-specialized plesiadapiform primate in the early-middle Eocene of northwestern Africa - 2004

Sex chromosome phylogenetics indicate a single transition to terrestriality in the guenons (tribe Cercopithecini) - 2004

Molar scaling in strepsirrhine primates - 2005

New primates from the late Eocene of Thailand: a contribution to primate diversity in the Paleogene of Asia - 2006

New discoveries of skeletal elements of Hadropithecus stenognathus from Andrahomana Cave, southeastern Madagascar - 2006

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A new pliopithecoid genus from the early Miocene of Uganda - 2006

Feeding behavior, diet, and the functional consequences of jaw form in orangutans, with implications for the evolution of Pongo - 2006

The anatomy of Dolichocebus gaimanensis, a stem platyrrhine monkey from Argentina - 2008

First evidence of a whale-bone industry in the western European Upper Paleolithic: Magdalenian artifacts from Isturitz (Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France) - 2008

New Uintan primates from Texas and their implications for North American patterns of species richness during the Eocene - 2008

The anatomy and systematic position of the early Miocene proconsulid from Meswa Bridge, Kenya - 2009

Systematics of early and middle Miocene Old World monkeys - 2009

Hemiacodon engardae, a new species of omomyid primate from the earliest Uintan Turtle Bluff Member of the Bridger Formation, southwestern Wyoming, USA - 2009

Early Eocene primates from Gujarat, India - 2009

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First record of a parapithecid primate from the Oligocene of Kenya - 2011

New adapiform primate of Old World affinities from the Devil’s Graveyard Formation of Texas - 2011

New Anchomomys (Adapoidea, Primates) from the Robiacian (Middle Eocene) of northeastern Spain. Taxonomic and evolutionary implications - 2011

On the evolution of diet and landscape during the Upper Paleolithic through Mesolithic at Franchthi Cave (Peloponnese, Greece) - 2011

New early Miocene primate fossils from northern Patagonia, Argentina - 2012

First record of Plesiadapiformes (Primates, Mammalia) from Spain - 2012

A platyrrhine talus from the early Miocene of Peru (Amazonian Madre de Dios Sub-Andean Zone) - 2012

Last of the oligopithecids? A dwarf species from the youngest primate-bearing level of the Jebel Qatrani Formation, northern Egypt - 2013

Nievesia sossisensis, a new anchomomyin (Adapiformes, Primates) from the early Late Eocene of the southern Pyrenees (Catalonia, Spain) - 2013

First record of the genus Microchoerus (Omomyidae, Primates) in the western Iberian Peninsula and its palaeobiogeographic implications - 2013

The westernmost tarsier: A new genus and species from the Miocene of Pakistan - 2013

New Neanderthal remains from Mani peninsula, Southern Greece: The Kalamakia Middle Paleolithic cave site - 2013

Oldest known cranium of a juvenile New World monkey (Early Miocene, Patagonia, Argentina): Implications for the taxonomy and the molar eruption pattern of early platyrrhines - 2014

New material of Pseudoloris parvulus (Microchoerinae, Omomyidae, Primates) from the Late Eocene of Sossís (northeastern Spain) and its implications for the evolution of Pseudoloris - 2015

A new species of Apidium (Anthropoidea, Parapithecidae) from the Sirt Basin, central Libya: first record of Oligocene primates from Libya - 2015

Neotropics provide insights into the emergence of New World monkeys: New dental evidence from the late Oligocene of Peruvian Amazonia - 2016