[Some interesting specimens of extinct reptiles] - 1869

Triassic Dinosauria - 1869

On the saurians of the Dakota Cretaceous rocks of Colorado - 1878

The new Wealden dinosaur - 1879

The Bernissart Iguanodon - 1883

The classification and affinities of dinosaurian reptiles - 1884

The entire skeleton of an English dinosaur - 1889

Some recent restorations of dinosaurs - 1893

The Forest-pig of Central Africa - 1904

A fossil tsetse-fly in Colorado - 1907

A Miocene wasp - 1907

The Forest-pig of Central Africa - 1907

Fossil Aphididae from Florissant, Colorado - 1908

Another fossil tsetse fly - 1909

The Upper Cretaceous iguanodont dinosaurs - 1909

The third fossil tsetse-fly - 1916

The oldest mosquitoes - 1919

Fossils in Burmese amber - 1922

An ancient wasp - 1922

A fossil caddis-case - 1923

Tertiary Fossil Insects from Argentina - 1925

The dinosaurs of Tendaguru - 1927

Permian Diptera from Warner's Bay, NSW - 1929

A dinosaur from Montana - 1932

Fossil insect from the British coal measures - 1934

Dinosaur discovery in Wyoming - 1934

A new Type of anomodont reptile - 1935

Bones of a whale from the Wieringermeer, Zuider Zee - 1936

A new Upper Triassic fossil insect bed in Queensland - 1936

The ancestors of the Diptera - 1937

Ancestors of Some Groups of the Present-day Insects - 1937

Mauicetus: a Fossil Whale - 1939

The oldest known fossil insect - 1940

Dinosaur find at Washington, D.C. - 1942

Indications of cephalic structure in Trinucleidae and Harpetidae - 1948

A species of fossil Salvinia from Deccan lntertrappean series, India - 1950

A symmetrodont tooth from the Rhaeto-Lias - 1950

British Museum (Natural History) - 1955

Herpetichthyes, Amphibioidei, Choanichthyes or Sarcopterygii? - 1955

Fossil frogs from a Lower Cretaceous bed in southern Israel (Central Negev) - 1956

A new living deep-sea mollusc of the Cambro-Devonian class Monoplacophora - 1957

Some new vertebrate fossils from the Panchet Series of West Bengal - 1958

Age of Carcharodon megalodon? - 1959

A new theory of the angiosperm flower - 1960

Apidium and Oreopithecus - 1960

Dinosaur tracks in the Lower Cenomanian of Jerusalem - 1962

A new ornithischian from the Upper Triassic of South Africa - 1962

A new vertebrate fauna from the Early Jurassic of the Deccan, India - 1962

New fossil hominoid material from Uganda - 1963

A glossopteridean fructification from India. - 1963

A new tritylodontid from the Cave Sandstone of South Africa - 1963

A specimen of Morganucodon from Yunnan - 1963

Fossil urodeles in Early Lower Cretaceous deposits of Makhtesh Ramon, Israel - 1964

Ancestry of sea-stars - 1965

New fossil apes from Egypt and the initial differentiation of Hominoidea - 1965

A middle Palaeocene primate - 1965

Pentamerism in echinoderms and the calcite skeleton - 1966

Absence of organic phase in echinoderm calcite - 1967

Pentamerism and the calcite skeleton in echinoderms - 1967

Pentameral symmetry in echinoderms - 1967

Cool-water faunas from the Permian of the Canadian arctic - 1967

Control of growth in two populations of elephant seals - 1968

No title - 1968

Lower dentition of Kenyapithecus africanus - 1968

True affinities of Propotto leakeyi Simpson 1967 - 1969

Prosirenidae, a new family of fossil salamanders - 1969

Discovery of a multituberculate marsupial bone - 1969

Lower Cretaceous fleas - 1970

Late Eocene Amphipithecus and the origins of catarrhine primates - 1970

Upper Karroo pillow lava and a new sauropod horizon in Rhodesia - 1970

Eutherian mammal from the early Campanian (late Cretaceous)of Alberta, Canada - 1970

Vertebrate Faunas from the Kubi Algi, Koobi Fora and Ileret Areas, East Rudolf, Kenya - 1971

Cranium of the Late Palaeocene Primate Plesiadapis tricuspidens - 1971

Origins and evolution of ornithischian dinosaurs - 1971

Preliminary stratigraphical studies of the East Rudolf Basin, Kenya - 1971

The first fossil record of caecilian amphibians - 1972

No title - 1972

Classification and evolution of ornithopod dinosaurs - 1972

A Carboniferous insect - 1973

Tibetan species of dung beetle from Late Pleistocene deposits in England - 1973

Pleistocene human occupation and extinct fauna in Cloggs Cave, Buchan, South-east Australia - 1973

First record of the Palaeocene primate Chiromyoides from North America - 1973

New early Miocene vertebrate locality near Lake Rudolf, Kenya - 1974

No title - 1974

Deltatheridium and Marsupials - 1974

Dinosaur monophyly and a new class of vertebrates - 1974

Paleomagnetic stratigraphy and chronology of hominid-bearing sediments east of Lake Rudolf, Kenya - 1974

No title - 1974

No title - 1974

New primitive therian from the early Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1975

Xenopus from the Palaeocene of Brazil and its zoogeographic importance - 1975

Hypsilophodon and Iguanodon from the Lower Cretaceous of North America - 1975

Palaeognathous bird from the Cretaceous of Central Asia - 1976

Plates of the dinosaur Stegosaurus: forced convection heat loss fins? - 1976

New light on the skull anatomy and systematic position of Oviraptor - 1976

A complete skeleton of the Late Triassic ornithischian Heterodontosaurus tucki - 1976

An early Ordovician vertebrate - 1976

Hallucial tarsometatarsal joint in an Oligocene anthropoid Aegyptopithecus zeuxis - 1976

Oldest recorded in situ tracheids - 1976

The Upper Jurassic dinosaur Dryosaurus and a Laurasia-Gondwana connection in the Upper Jurassic - 1977

Cretaceous and Tertiary dinoflagellates from Seymour Island, Antarctica - 1977

New hominoid primates from the Siwaliks of Pakistan and their bearing on hominoid evolution - 1977

No title - 1977

New Miocene locality in Turkey with evidence of the origin of Ramapithecus and Sivapithecus - 1977

Dicotyledonous angiosperm flower from the Upper Cretaceous of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts - 1977

Jurassic labyrinthodont - 1977

Magnetostratigraphy of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico - 1977

Lower Cretaceous Lepidoptera - 1977

'Modern' lizard from the Upper Triassic of China - 1977

Humeral morphology of the earliest apes - 1978

Submerged Early Holocene barrier reef south-east Florida shelf - 1978

Sivalik fossil tree shrew from Haritalyangar, India - 1979

Indraloris and Sivaladapis: Miocene adapid primates from the Siwaliks of India and Pakistan - 1979

Nest of juveniles provides evidence of family structure among dinosaurs - 1979

Late Eocene of Burma yields earliest anthropoid primate, Pondaungia cotteri - 1979

A gliding reptile from the Upper Permian of North East England - 1979

Cranial anatomy and implications of Dolichocebus, a late Oligocene ceboid primate - 1979

A pachycephalosaurid dinosaur from Madagascar and a Laurasia-Gondwanaland connection in the Cretaceous - 1979

No title - 1979

New fossil finds from the Libyan upper Neogene site of Sahabi - 1979

Phylogeny and palaeobiogeography of hadrosaurian dinosaurs - 1979

An early Cretaceous terrestrial crocodilian and the opening of the South Atlantic - 1979

Miocene tree shrews form the Indian Sivaliks - 1979

Silurian or Upper Ordovician fossils at Guolasjav'ri Troms, Norway - 1980

Marine influence in the Triassic "uplands" - 1980

First pterosaur from Australia - 1980

No title - 1980

Maragheh: a classical late Miocene vertebrate locality in northwestern Iran - 1980

Late Jurassic lizards from Como Bluff, Wyoming and their palaeobiogeographic significance - 1980

Possible transfer of lunar matter to Earth due to a nearby supernova - 1980

Juvenile ceratopsians from Mongolia—the smallest known dinosaur specimens - 1980

Early Jurassic plesiosaurs from Australia - 1980

Records of Cooksonia-type sporangia from late Wenlock strata in Ireland - 1980

Paleozoic plants from Saudi Arabia - 1980

Sexual dimorphism in early anthropoids - 1980

Lamellar-zonal bone with zones and annuli in the pelvis of a sauropod dinosaur - 1981

No title - 1981

New subclass of birds from the Cretaceous of South America - 1981

A new assessment of Rhyniella, the earliest known insect, from the Devonian of Rhynie, Scotland - 1981

Ipswichian fauna of Victoria Cave and the marine palaeoclimatic record - 1981

Pontnewydd Cave in Wales -- a new Middle Pleistocene hominid site - 1981

No title - 1981

Geology and stratigraphy of Neogene deposits, Middle Awash Valley, Ethiopia - 1982

Stratigraphical significance of the Tulu Bor Tuff of the Koobi Fora Formation - 1982

A ziphodont mesosuchian crocodile from the Eocene of Algeria and its implications for vertebrate dispersal - 1982

New hominoid skull material from the Miocene of Pakistan - 1982

Tuffaceous marker horizons in the Koobi Fora region and the Lower Omo Valley - 1982

Earliest floral evidence for the Ebenaceae in Australia - 1982

Reversed magnetic polarity at an early Lower Pleistocene site in Central Italy - 1982

The relationships of Sivapithecus and Ramapithecus and the evolution of the orang-utan - 1982

Indonesian Permian brachiopod fauna and Gondwana-South-east Asia relationships - 1982

Supposed squirrel monkey affinities of the late Oligocene <i>Dolichocebus gaimanensi</i>s - 1982

Evidence of colonial nesting and "site fidelity" among ornithischian dinosaurs - 1982

A mammal-like reptile from Australia - 1983

The tibio-fibular articulation in Apidium phiomense, an Oligocene anthropoid - 1983

No title - 1983

Qatrania, new basal anthropoid primate from the Fayum, Oligocene of Egypt - 1983

The first fossil ctenophore form the Lower Devonian of West Germany - 1983

Palaeontology; Consensus on archosaurs - 1984

First record of marsupials (Metatheria; Polyprotodonta) from the Oligocene in Africa - 1984

Taphonomy, fauna, environment and ecology of Upper Sivaliks (Plio-Pleistocene) near Chandigarh, India - 1984

A New Lower Devonian Plant and the Early Evolution of Leaves - 1984

Earliest known proboscidean from the early Eocene of north-west Africa - 1984

Afrotarsius chatrathi, first tarsiiform primate (? Tarsiidae) from Africa - 1985

First Mesozoic mammal from Australia-- an early Cretaceous monotreme - 1985

Early Homo erectus skeleton from west Lake Turkana, Kenya - 1985

Distinctive mammal-like reptile from Mexico and its bearing on the phylogeny of the Tritylodontidae - 1985

The first pre-Rhaetic therian mammal - 1985

A molecular solution to the riddle of the panda's phylogeny - 1985

New higher primates from the early Miocene of Buluk, Kenya - 1985

Significance of enamel thickness in hominoid evolution - 1985

Age of hominoid-bearing sequence at Buluk, northern Kenya - 1985

A molecular solution to the riddle of the giant panda's phylogeny - 1985

Palaeontological and molecular views of panda phylogeny - 1986

Paleontological and molecular views of panda phylogeny - 1986

Baryonyx, a remarkable new theropod dinosaur - 1986

No title - 1986

A new Miocene hominoid from Kenya - 1986

A second new Miocene hominoid from Kenya - 1986

An enantiornithine bird from the Lower Cretaceous of Queensland, Australia - 1986

Marsupial from the earliest Late Cretaceous of Western US - 1987

Long night for owl monkeys - 1987

A fossil owl monkey from La Venta, Colombia - 1987

A comparative embryological study of two ornithischian dinosaurs - 1988

Mammal teeth from the Cretaceous of Africa - 1988

Explosive speciation at the base of the adaptive radiation of Miocene grazing horses - 1988

Embryos in dinosaur nests - 1988

First Cretaceous mammal from India - 1988

Unusual Early Cretaceous birds from Spain - 1988

A procynosuchid cynodont from central Europe - 1988

Exceptionally well preserved pterosaur wing membrane from the Cretaceous of Brazil - 1989

Orb-web weaving spiders in the early Cretaceous - 1989

The peripatetic fossils: part 3. Upper Palaeozoic of Lahul-Spiti - 1989

African dawn for primates - 1990

Dinosaur eggs from Romania - 1990

Tetraceratops is the oldest known therapsid - 1990

Thermoluminescence dating of a 50,000-year-old human occupation site in northern Australia - 1990

Articulated halkieriids from the Lower Cambrian of north Greenland - 1990

Venom-conducting teeth in a Triassic reptile - 1991

No title - 1991

No title - 1992

First discovery of monotremes in South America - 1992

Evolution and environment in the Hominoidea - 1992

A new link between theropods and birds from the Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1992

Post-Jurassic mammal-like reptile from the Palaeocene - 1992

Earliest known simian primate found in Algeria - 1992

Earliest known Australian Tertiary mammal fauna - 1992

Walrus-like feeding adaptation in a new cetacean from the Pliocene of Peru - 1993

Flightless bird from the Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1993

Correction: Flightless bird from the Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1993

Primitive dinosaur skeleton from Argentina and the early evolution of Dinosauria - 1993

Oldest known amphisbaenian from the upper Cretaceous of Chinese Inner Mongolia - 1993

South America's earliest rodent and recognition of a new interval of mammalian evolution - 1993

A Cambrian gilled lobopod from Greenland - 1993

The fossil record and the early evolution of the Metazoa - 1993

An Early Jurassic caecilian with limbs - 1993

The First Skull and other new discoveries of Australopithecus afarensis at Hadar, Ethiopia - 1994

Primitive fossil rodent from Inner Mongolia and its implications for mammalian phylogeny - 1994

A unique multitoothed ornithomimosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain - 1994

Australopithecus ramidus, a new species of early hominid from Aramis, Ethiopia - 1994

A diverse new primate fauna from middle Eocene fissure-fillings in southeastern China - 1994

A new carnivorous marsupial from the Palaeocene of Bolivia and the problem of marsupial monophyly - 1994

The most ancient African turtle - 1994

New whale from the Eocene of Pakistan and the origin of cetacean swimming - 1994

A new giant carnivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Patagonia - 1995

A nesting dinosaur - 1995

A new family of monotremes from the Cretaceous of Australia - 1995

Dinosaur nests at the sea shore - 1995

An Early Miocene anthropoid skull from the Chilean Andes - 1995

An Early Jurassic jumping frog - 1995

A Plio-Pleistocene hominid from Dmanisi, East Georgia, Caucasus - 1995

Brooding with the best - 1995

Corrigendum: Australopithecus ramidus, a new species of early hominid from Aramis, Ethiopia - 1995

A plant-eating crocodyliform reptile from the Cretaceous of China - 1995

Elginerpeton pancheni and the earliest tetrapod clade - 1995

A beaked bird from the Jurassic of China - 1995

Elginerpeton pancheni and the earliest tetrapod clade - 1995

The world's oldest songbird - 1995

New four-million-year-old hominid species from Kanapoi and Allia Bay, Kenya - 1995

Albanerpetontid amphibians from the Cretaceous of Spain - 1995

An aquatic sloth from the Pliocene of Peru - 1995

Exceptional soft-tissue preservation in a theropod dinosaur from Italy - 1996

An Early Cretaceous bird from Spain and its implications for the evolution of avian flight - 1996

The first Cretaceous bird from Madagascar - 1996

Oldest fossil record of gliding in rodents - 1996

A Triassic Lagerstatte from eastern North America - 1996

Evolution of cetacean osmoregulation - 1996

Early Carboniferous tetrapods in Australia - 1996

A Palaeocene proboscidean from Morocco - 1996

A complete skeleton of the giant South American primate Protopithecus - 1996

A comparative embryological study of two ornithischian dinosaurs (correction) - 1996

A possible Late Cambrian vertebrate from Australia - 1996

Fossilized theropod soft tissue - 1996

Soft-bodied fossils from a Silurian volcaniclastic deposit - 1996

The earliest known tyrannosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand - 1996

Eel-like swimming in the earliest ichthyosaurs - 1996

An Early Silurian vascular plant - 1996

A new symmetrodont mammal from China and its implications for mammalian evolution - 1997

Haramiyids and Triassic mammalian evolution - 1997

Cosmopolitanism among Gondwanan Late Cretaceous mammals - 1997

A snake with legs from the marine Cretaceous of the Middle East - 1997

Epipubic bones in eutherian mammals from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1997

A new Late Eocene anthropoid primate from Thailand - 1997

Geological record and reconstruction of the late Pliocene impact of the Eltanin asteroid in the Southern Ocean - 1997

New evidence concerning avian origins from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia - 1997

Geological record and reconstruction of the late Pliocene impact of the Eltanin asteroid in the Southern Ocean - 1997

The skull of a relative of the stem-group bird Mononykus - 1998

The oldest coelurosaurian - 1998

A new Early Carboniferous tetrapod with a mélange of crown-group characters - 1998

Foot posture in a primitive pterosaur - 1998

High hunting costs make African wild dogs vulnerable to kleptoparasitism by hyaens - 1998

Oldest known sea turtle - 1998

Ediacara-type fossils in Cambrian sediments - 1998

Two feathered dinosaurs from northeastern China - 1998

A complete primitive rhizodont from Australia - 1998

A lower jaw from a Cretaceous parrot - 1998

Faunal turnovers of Paleogene mammals from the Mongolian Plateau - 1998

Ichthyosaurian relationships illuminated by new primitive skeletons from Japan - 1998

Skull of a Jurassic ankylosaur (Dinosauria) - 1998

Sauropod dinosaur embryos from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia - 1998

Implications of Deltatheridium specimens for early marsupial history - 1998

An amniote-like skeleton from the Early Carboniferous of Scotland - 1999

A pipiscid-like fossil from the Lower Cambrian of south China - 1999

Lower Cambrian vertebrates from south China - 1999

A dromaeosaurid dinosaur with a filamentous integument from the Yixian Formation of China - 1999

A therizinosauroid dinosaur with integumentary structures from China - 1999

Tribosphenic mammal from the North American Early Cretaceous - 1999

How the 'terror crocodile' grew so big - 1999

Did parrots exist in the Cretaceous period? - 1999

A Middle Jurassic mammal from Madagascar - 1999

A diapsid skull in a new species of the primitive bird <i>Confuciusornis</i> - 1999

A Chinese triconodont mammal and mosaic evolution of the mammalian skeleton - 1999

Biostratigraphy of two new pterosaurs from China - 1999

The smallest known non-avian theropod dinosaur - 2000

A pug-nosed crocodyliform from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar - 2000

The earliest known sauropod dinosaur - 2000

Tribosphenic mammal from the North American Early Cretaceous (correction) - 2000

The Pleistocene serpent Wonambi and the early evolution of snakes. - 2000

Late Jurassic salamanders from northern China - 2001

Late Miocene hominids from the Middle Awash, Ethiopia - 2001

Geology and palaeontology of the Late Miocene Middle Awash valley, Afar rift, Ethiopia - 2001

Geology and paleontology of the Late Miocene Middle Awash valley, Afar rift, Ethiopia. - 2001

Fossil molar from a Madagascan marsupial - 2001

Dual origins of tribosphenic mammals - 2001

Parallel adaptive radiations in two major clades of placental mammals - 2001

Fossil that fills a critical gap in avian evolution - 2001

The beaks of ostrich dinosaurs - 2001

Late Cretaceous relatives of rabbits, rodents, and other extant eutherian mammals - 2001

A primitive sarcopterygian fish with an eyestalk - 2001

A bizarre predatory dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar - 2001

An Early Cretaceous pellet - 2001

An Early Cambrian tunicate from China - 2001

The last of the dinosaur titans: a new sauropod from Madagascar - 2001

An exceptionally preserved vermiform mollusc from the Silurian of England - 2001

The earliest known fully quadrupedal sirenian - 2001

Skeletons of terrestrial cetaceans and the relationship of whales to artiodactyls - 2001

Geology and paleontology of the Upper Miocene Toros-Menalla hominid locality, Chad - 2002

The earliest known eutherian mammal - 2002

A basal troodontid from the Early Cretaceous of China - 2002

An unusual oviraptorosaurian dinosaur from China - 2002

A ceratopsian dinosaur from China and the early evolution of the Ceratopsia - 2002

A long-tailed, seed-eating bird from the Early Cretaceous of China - 2002

'Modern' feathers on a non-avian dinosaur - 2002

A new hominid from the Upper Miocene of Chad, Central Africa - 2002

A Jurassic mammal from South America - 2002

First Devonian tetrapod from Asia - 2002

First Devonian tetrapod from Asia - 2002

An early tetrapod from "Romer’s Gap" - 2002

Large Cretaceous sphenodontian from Patagonia provides insight into lepidosaur evolution in Gondwana - 2003

An Arctic mammal fauna from the Early Pliocene of North America - 2003

A Middle Miocene hominoid from Thailand and orangutan origins - 2003

A newly discovered species of living baleen whale - 2003

Stratigraphic, chronological and behavioural contexts of Pleistocene Homo sapiens from Middle Awash, Ethiopia - 2003

Pleistocene Homo sapiens from Middle Awash, Ethiopia - 2003

Four-winged dinosaurs from China - 2003

Earliest known crown-group salamanders - 2003

Oligocene mammals from Ethiopia and faunal exchange between Afro-Arabia and Eurasia - 2003

A fly in the biogeographic ointment - 2003

Cannibalism in the Madagascan dinosaur Majungatholus atopus - 2003

Fossil evidence for an ancient divergence of lorises and galagos - 2003

A Silurian sea spider - 2004

A new small-bodied hominin from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, Indonesia - 2004

Articulated Paleozoic fossil with 17 plates greatly expands disparity of early chitons - 2004

A new orang-utan relative from the Late Miocene of Thailand - 2004

Two new carnivores from an unusual late Tertiary forest biota in eastern North America - 2004

Pterosaur embryo from the Early Cretaceous - 2004

A Middle Jurassic 'sphenosuchian' from China and the origin of the crocodylian skull - 2004

New light shed on the oldest insect - 2004

Basal tyrannosauroids from China and evidence for protofeathers in tyrannosauroids - 2004

Gigantism and comparative life-history parameters of tyrannosaurid dinosaurs - 2004

A new troodontid dinosaur from China with avian-like sleeping posture - 2004

Pterosaur egg with a leathery shell - 2004

Leg feathers in an Early Cretaceous bird - 2004

The origin of the internal nostril of tetrapods - 2004

Archaeology and age of a new hominin from Flores in eastern Indonesia - 2004

A euprimate skull from the early Eocene of China - 2004

New evidence on the earliest human presence at high northern latitudes in northeast Asia. - 2004

Permian tetrapods from the Sahara show climate-controlled endemism in Pangaea - 2005

Pterosaur diversity and faunal turnover in Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems in China - 2005

Definitive fossil evidence for the extant avian radiation in the Cretaceous - 2005

Affinities of ‘hyopsodontids’ to elephant shrews and a Holarctic origin of Afrotheria - 2005

Large Mesozoic mammals fed on young dinosaurs - 2005

A primitive therizinosauroid dinsoaur from the Early Cretaceous of Utah - 2005

The earliest toothless hominin skull - 2005

The earliest dromaeosaurid theropod from South America - 2005

New evidence on deinonychosaurian dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia - 2005

Discovery of a short-necked sauropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic period of Patagonia - 2005

Bone histology indicates insular dwarfism in a new Late Jurassic sauropod dinosaur - 2006

Early stone technology on Flores and its implications for Homo floresiensis - 2006

Skull of the large non-macrostomatan snake Yurlunggur from the Australian Oligo-Miocene. - 2006

A soft-bodied mollusc with radula from the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale - 2006

A lamprey from the Cretaceous Jehol biota of China - 2006

Geological and palaeontological context of a Pliocene juvenile hominin at Dikika, Ethiopia - 2006

A Devonian tetrapod-like fish and the evolution of the tetrapod body plan - 2006

A basal tyrannosauroid dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of China - 2006

A lamprey from the Devonian period of South Africa - 2006

A new carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Solnhofen archipelago - 2006

A Cretaceous symmetrodont therian with some monotreme-like postcranial features - 2006

A Mesozoic gliding mammal from northeastern China - 2006

A juvenile early hominin skeleton from Dikika, Ethiopia - 2006

A Cretaceous terrestrial snake with robust hindlimbs and a sacrum. - 2006

Implications of new early Homo fossils from Ileret, east of Lake Turkana, Kenya - 2007

A new species of great ape from the late Miocene epoch in Ethiopia - 2007

Whales originated from aquatic artiodactyls in the Eocene epoch of India - 2007

Cretaceous eutherians and Laurasian origin for placental mammals near the K/T boundary - 2007

A gigantic bird-like dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of China - 2007

Postcranial evidence from early Homo from Dmanisi, Georgia - 2007

A new eutriconodont mammal and evolutionary development in early mammals - 2007

Convergent dental adaptations in pseudo-tribosphenic and tribosphenic mammals - 2007

Early human use of marine resources and pigment in South Africa during the Middle Pleistocene - 2007

Machaeridians are Palaeozoic armoured annelids - 2008

A bizarre Jurassic maniraptoran from China with elongate ribbon-like feathers - 2008

Ventastega curonica and the origin of tetrapod morphology - 2008

A stem batrachian from the Early Permian of Texas and the origin of frogs and salamanders - 2008

The evolutionary origin of flatfish asymmetry - 2008

An ancestral turtle from the Late Triassic of southwestern China - 2008

Primitive Early Eocene bat from Wyoming and the evolution of flight and echolocation - 2008

Rapid sea-level rise and reef back-stepping at the close of the last interglacial highstand - 2009

The braincase and jaws of a Devonian 'acanthodian' and modern gnathostome origins - 2009

Giant boid snake from the Paleocene neotropics reveals hotter past equatorial temperatures - 2009

A pre-Archaeopteryx troodontid theropod from China with long feathers on the metatarsus - 2009

A semi-aquatic Arctic mammalian carnivore from the Miocene epoch and origin of Pinnipedia - 2009

Convergent evolution of anthropoid-like adaptations in Eocene adapiform primates - 2009

A Jurassic ceratosaur from China helps clarify avian digital homologies - 2009

An Early Cretaceous heterodontosaurid dinosaur with filamentous integumentary structures - 2009

The oldest articulated osteichthyan reveals mosaic gnathostome characters - 2009

Ordovician faunas of Burgess Shale type - 2010

Late middle Eocene epoch of Libya yields earliest known radiation of African anthropoids - 2010

The giant bite of a new raptorial sperm whale from the Miocene epoch of Peru - 2010

Corrigendum: The giant bite of a new raptorial sperm whale from the Miocene epoch of Peru - 2010

New Oligocene primate from Saudi Arabia and the divergence of apes and Old World monkeys - 2010

Ecologically distinct dinosaurian sister group shows early diversification of Ornithodira - 2010

The evolution of mammal-like crocodyliforms in the Cretaceous Period of Gondwana - 2010

A bizarre, humped Carcharodontosauria (Theropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain - 2010

A Late Cretaceous ceratopsian dinosaur from Europe with Asian affinities - 2010

Primitive soft-bodied cephalopods from the Cambrian - 2010

An Archaeopteryx-like theropod from China and the origin of Avialae - 2011

Earliest evidence of mammalian social behaviour in the basal Tertiary of Bolivia - 2011

An early Ediacaran assemblage of macroscopic and morphologically differentiated eukaryotes - 2011

An armoured Cambrian lobopodian from China with arthropod-like appendages - 2011

A Jurassic eutherian mammal and divergence of marsupials and placentals - 2011

Eocene lizard from Germany reveals amphisbaenian origins - 2011

Transitional mammalian middle ear from a new Cretaceous Jehol eutriconodont - 2011

Highly specialized mammalian skulls from the Late Cretaceous of South America - 2011

A complete insect from the Late Devonian period - 2012

A gigantic feathered dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of China - 2012

A transitional snake from the Late Cretaceous period of North America - 2012

Persistent near-tropical warmth on the Antarctic continent during the early Eocene epoch - 2012

Acanthodes and shark-like conditions in the last common ancestor of modern gnathostomes - 2012

Ice-sheet collapse and sea-level rise at the Bølling warming 14,600 years ago - 2012

Reply to "Is Strudiella a Devonian insect?" - 2013

A new arboreal haramiyid shows the diversity of crown mammals in the Jurassic period - 2013

A Jurassic mammaliaform and the earliest mammalian evolutionary adaptations - 2013

A Jurassic avialan dinosaur from China resolves the early phylogenetic history of birds - 2013

Amphibious flies and paedomorphism in the Jurassic period - 2013

Palaeontological evidence for an Oligocene divergence between Old World monkeys and apes - 2013

Is Strudiella a Devonian insect? - 2013

The oldest known primate skeleton and early haplorhine evolution - 2013

Taxonomic names, in The earliest known holometabolous insects - 2013

The oldest known primate skeleton and early haplorhine evolution - 2013

Taxonomic names, in The earliest known holometabolous insects - 2013

A Late Eocene date for Late Triassic bird tracks - 2013

The earliest known holometabolous insects - 2013

Taxonomic names, in The earliest known holometabolous insects - 2013

Taxonomic names, in The earliest known holometabolous insects - 2013

Taxonomic names, in The earliest known holometabolous insects - 2013

Three new Jurassic euharamiyidan species reinforce early divergence of mammals - 2014

A suspension-feeding anomalocarid from the Early Cambrian - 2014

A new fossil species supports an early origin for toothed whale echolocation - 2014

First cranial remains of a gondwanatherian mammal reveal remarkable mosaicism - 2014

Melanosome evolution indicates a key physiological shift within feathered dinosaurs - 2014

A Palaeozoic shark with osteichthyan-like branchial arches - 2014

Hallucigenia's onychophoran-like claws and the case for Tactopoda - 2014

Eocene primates of South America and the African origins of New World monkeys - 2015

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