Bulletin of the Scientific Laboratories of Denison University

The Clinton group of Ohio - 1887

Tabulated list of fossils known to occur in the Waverly of Ohio - 1888

Fossils from the Silurian Formations of Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky - 1909

Preliminary Notes on Cincinnatian Fossils - 1909

Preliminary notes on Cincinnatian and Lexington fossils of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee - 1910

The Mercer Limestone and its associated rocks in the Newark-Zanesville region - 1911

Strophomena and other fossils from Cincinnatian and Mohawkian horizons, chiefly in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky - 1912

Notes on the Lorraine faunas of New York and the Province of Quebec - 1914

Notes on Agelacrinidae and Lepadocystinae, with descriptions of Thresherodiscus and Brockocystites - 1914

The fauna of the Morrow Group of Arkansas and Oklahoma - 1915

Echinodermata of the Brassfield (Silurian) Formation of Ohio - 1919

Notes on Isotelus, Acrolichas, Calymene, and Encrinurus - 1919

The Kimmswick and Plattin Limestones of Northeastern Missouri - 1920

Notes on the Medinan, Niagaran, and Chester fossils - 1923

Notes on American Paleozoic cephalopods - 1924

Upper Carboniferous crinoids from the Morrow Subseries of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas - 1938

Upper Carboniferous crinoids from the Morrow Subseries of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas - 1938

The use of fragmentary crinoidal remains in stratigraphic paleontology - 1939

New crinoids from Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian rocks of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska - 1939

New genera of Pennsylvanian crinoids from Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas - 1940

Relationships of the Family Allagecrinidae, with description of new species from Pennsylvanian Rocks of Oklahoma and Missouri - 1940

Tegminal structure of the Pennsylvanian Permian crinoid Delocrinus - 1941

A new species of Synbathocrinus from Mississippian rocks of Texas, description of ontogeny - 1942

Megaliocrinus, a new camerate crinoid genus from the Morrow Series of northeastern Oklahoma - 1942

Metacatillocrinus, a new inadunate crinoid genus from Pennsylvanian rocks of Oklahoma - 1942