Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie

Ueber die Gastropoden der rothen Schlernschichten nebst Bemerkungen über Verbreitung und Herkunft einiger triassicher Gattungen - 1892

Palaeozoische Versteinerungen aus Bolivien - 1892

Devonische Faunen Boliviens - 1908

Ein kleiner Bar (Ursus sackdillingensis n. sp.) in der cromerischen Fauna der Sackdillinger-Hohle (Oberpfalz) - 1955

Zwei Neue Arten con Coelurosaurichnus aus dem Keuper Frankens - 1958

Ein Megalosauriden-Wirbel des Lias aus norddeutschem Geschiebe [A megalosaurid vertebra from the Lias of a north German boulder] - 1966

Ein neuer Mustelide (Carnivora) aus dem Alt-Pleistizawn con Deutch-Altenberg 2 (Niederoesterreich) - 1973

Stromatoporen aus dem Unteren Kohlenkalk (Tn 1b, Strunian) von Aachen - 1975

Nectocaris pteryx, a new organism from the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale of British Columbia - 1976

No title - 1977

Placoid dermal scales (tubercles) of rajoid skates from the Eocene of Helmstedt (northern Germany) - 1981

Balearocrinus cantabricus n. sp. (Crinoidea, Inadunata) aus dem Visé des Kantabrischen Gebirges (Alba-Formation, Prov. León: N.W.-Spanien) - 1982

The echinoid Isaster from the Danian of Turkey - 1986

Acompsoceras inconstans Zone, A Lower Cenomanian Marker Horizon in Trans-Pecos Texas, U. S. A - 1989

A Lower Carboniferous brachiopod fauna from the Sekondi area, costal Ghana - 1989

Cyclostome bryozoans from the late Triassic (Rhaetian) of the West Carpathians, Czechoslovakia - 1991

A new aetosaur from the Redonda Formation (Late Triassic: middle Norian) of east central New Mexico, USA - 1991

The earliest leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Karajassidae n. fam.) from the Jurassic of Karatau - 1992

Preliminary study of the stratigraphy and mammalian palaeontology of Neogene sites in the Manonga Valley, northern Tanzania - 1993

Ostracod evidence of the Carnian salinity crisis in the Balaton Highland, Hungary - 1994

Observations on Triassic ichthyosaurs. Part I: Structure of the palate and mode of tooth implantation in Mixosaurus cornalianus (Bassani, 1886) - 1997

Kordosia, a new genus for some Late Miocene Amblycoptini shrews (Mammalia, Insectivora) - 1997

A new capitosaur amphibian from the Upper Lettenkeuper (Triassic: Ladinian) of Kupferzell (Southern Germany) - 1997

Early Cretaceous squamates from the Kyzylkum Desert, Uzbekistan - 1998

Oysters and echinoids from the Naur Formation (late Aptian-early Cenomanian) of Central Jordan - 2002

A Late Cretaceous taeniodont (Eutheria, Mammalia) from Alberta, Canada - 2003

A paleospecies of Alca (Aves: Charadriiformes) in the Pliocene of Spain - 2003

Observations on Karoo and Gondwana vertebrates. part 6. A new rhachiocephalid dicynodont (Therapsida) from the Upper Permian of the Ruhuhu Basin (Tanzania) - 2005

New records of fossil birds from the Pliocene of Kallo, Belgium - 2005

Shark tooth marks on Miocene balaenopterid cetacean bones from Argentina - 2007

A new middle Eocene sirenian (Mammalia, Protosirenidae) from India - 2009

Gastropods from the Late Triassic Nayband Formation (Iran), their relationships to other Tethyan faunas and remarks on the Triassic gastropod body size problem - 2010

First chelonian eggs and carapace fragments from the Pliocene of Rhodes, Greece - 2011

Biodiversity structure of an exceptionally preserved Aquitanian bivalve assemblage (Meilhan, SW France) - 2012

Stunting in some invertebrates from the Cassian Formation (Late Triassic, Carnian) of the Dolomites (Italy) - 2012

A taxonomic revision of Batropetes (Amphibia, Microsauria) from the Rotliegend (basal Permian) of Germany - 2013

The upper Messinian assemblages of fossil vertebrate remains of Verduno (NW Italy): Another brick for a latest Miocene bridge acress the Mediterranean - 2014