South African Journal of Science

A new species of Dicynodon - 1937

Two new gorgonopsian genera from the Bernard Price collection - 1950

A new brittlestar and an Eurypterid from the Bokkeveld strata - 1950

Studies of Karroo reptiles: 1. Some small cynodonts - 1951

A new family of keeled ammonites from the Albian of Zululand - 1955

Turonian-Coniacian ammonites from Zululand - 1955

New and little known ammonites from the Albian of Zululand - 1955

The Upper Triassic Karroo deposits and fauna of southern Rhodesia - 1963

The Fossil Localities and Mammal-Like Reptiles of the Upper Luangwa Valley, Northern Rhodesia - 1963

A gigantic plesiosaur from the South African Cretaceous - 1966

Tertiary penguins (Sphenisciformes, Spheniscidae) from Ysterplaats, Cape Town, South Africa - 1973

On the generic separation of the ornithischian dinosaurs Lycorhinus and Heterodontosaurus from the Stormberg Series (Upper Triassic) of South Africa - 1975

A second adult human mandible from Border Cave, Ingwavuma District, KwaZulu, South Africa - 1976

Herrerasaurus and the origin of the sauropod dinosaurs - 1978

The ankle joint in some early archosaurs - 1979

The theropod dinosaur Syntarsus (Saurischia: Podokesauridae) discovered in South Africa - 1980

Archosaur ankles: interpretation of the evidence - 1981

Geological succession at Langebaanweg, Cape Province, and global events of the Late Tertiary - 1981

The systematic position of 'Therocephalian B' (Reptilia: Therapsida) - 1982

Fossil seabirds and changing marine environments in the late Tertiary of South Africa - 1983

An addition to the fossil Anura of southern Africa - 1985

Late Tertiary and early Quaternary marine deposits of the Namaqualand coast, Cape Province: new perspectives - 1986

A new reptile (Reptilia: Diapsida) from the Upper Permian Daptocephalus zone of South Africa - 1987

First record of an Upper Cretaceous sauropod dinosaur from Zululand, South Africa - 1987

Mesosaurus tenuidens and Stereosternum tumidum from the Permian Gondwana of both Southern Africa and South America - 1987

Late Cretaceous sauropod dinosaurs of Africa - 1988

A new anomodont therapsid from South Africa and its bearing on the ancestry of Dicynodontia - 1990

A reappraisal of the Kangnas dinosaur site, Bushmanland, South Africa - 1992

A fossil spider (superfamily Lycosoidea) from the Cretaceous of Botswana - 1995

The first specimen of the Mid-Triassic dicynodont Angonisaurus from the Karoo of South Africa: implications for the dating and biostratigraphy of the Cynognathus Assemblage Zone, Upper Beaufort Group - 1996

A new beetle, Afrocupes firmae gen. et sp. nov. (Permocupedidae), from the late Palaeozoic Whitehill Formation of South Africa - 1996

Periglacial environments and polar dinosaurs - 1998

The earliest known Palaeozoic ensiferan insect from Africa, Afroedischia oosthuizeni gen. et sp. nov. (Orthoptera: Oedischiidae) - 1999

Eunotosaurus africanus from the Ecca–Beaufort contact in Northern Cape Province, South Africa - implications for Karoo Basin development - 1999

Acanthotoposaurus bremneri and the origin of the Triassic archosauromorph reptila fauna of South Africa - 2000

First record of a Late Cretaceous-Palaeocene tenebrinoid from Southern Africa - 2000

Drimolen: A new hominid-bearing site in Gauteng, South Africa - 2000

A long-snouted trematosaurid amphibian from the Early Triassic of South Africa - 2001

Systematics and dietary evaluation of a fossil equid from South Africa - 2003

Sauropodomorph dinosaur diversity in the upper Elliot Formation (Massospondylus range zone: Lower Jurassic) of South Africa - 2004

First record of a sauropod dinosaur from the upper Elliot Formation (Early Jurassic) of South Africa - 2004

Extended procolophonoid reptile survivorship after the end-Permian extinction - 2007

A double-tusked dicynodont and its biostratigraphic significance - 2007

Description of the postcranial anatomy of Aulacephalodon baini and its possible relationship with 'Aulacephalodon peavoti - 2008

Middle Miocene vertebrate fauna from Pemba Island, Tanzania - 2008

Youngest dinocephalian fossils extend the Tapinocephalus Zone, Karoo Basin, South Africa - 2015