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The age of the Denver Formation - 1889

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On the characters and systematic position of the large sea-lizards, Mosasauridae - 1890

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[Description of Cephalotropis coronatus] - 1896

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The Carnegie Museum Paleontological Expeditions of 1900 - 1900

The vertebral formula in Diplodocus Marsh - 1900

Paleontological notes. Thespesius versus Claosaurus. A new locality for Thespesius. The dermal covering of Thespesius. The dentition of Basilosaurus cetoides. The hyoid of Basilosaurus. The cranial cavity of Basilosaurus - 1900

A method of fixing the type in certain genera - 1902

Discovery of teeth in Baptanodon, an ichthyosaurian from the Jurassic of Wyoming - 1902

Dinosaurs in the Fort Pierre Shales and underlying beds in Montana - 1902

Field work in vertebrate paleontology at the Carnegie Museum for 1902 - 1902

Vertebrate paleontology at the Carnegie Museum - 1903

Recent zoopaleontology. Stegoceras and Stereocephalus - 1903

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The weight of the Brontosaurus - 1905

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Skull and skeleton of the sauropodous dinosaurs, Morosaurus and Brontosaurus - 1905

Preliminary Note on a Gigantic Mammal from the Loup Fork Beds of Nebraska - 1905

A Correction of the Generic Name (Dinochœrus) Given to Certain Fossil Remains from the Loup Fork Miocene of Nebraska - 1905

No title - 1905

A new armored dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of Wyoming - 1905

Notice of a new Miocene rhinoceros, Diceratherium arikarense - 1906

On the Occurrence of Desmostylus, Marsh - 1906

Preliminary Description of Two New Species of the Genus Diceratherium Marsh, From the Agate Spring Fossil Quarry - 1906

Gastroliths - 1907

Some Old World types of insects in the Miocene of Colorado - 1907

A new genus and species of fossil shark related to Edestus Leidy - 1907

The fossil sawfly Perga coloradensis - 1908

Is Alabamornis a bird? - 1908

A fossil gar-pike from Utah - 1909

Seventh annual meeting of the American Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists - 1909

Permian Reptiles - 1911

Note on the Upper Eocene Titanotheroid Telmatherium (?) incisivum Douglass from the Uinta Basin - 1912

A new species of Moropus (M. Hollandi) from the base of the middle Miocene of western Nebraska - 1913

Correlation Between the Tertiary of the Great Basin and That of the Marginal Marine Province in California - 1914

On the genus Trachodon - 1915

New reptiles from the Trias of Arizona and new Mexico - 1915

Evidence proving that the Belly River beds of Alberta are equivalent with the Judith River beds of Montana - 1915

The fossil seacow of Maryland - 1917

An ornithomimid dinosaur in the Potomac of Maryland - 1919

Discovery of sauropod dinosaur remains in the Upper Cretaceous of New Mexico - 1921

Discovery of Cretaceous and older Tertiary strata in Mongolia - 1922

Giant fossil reptile taken to capital - 1923

The fossil elephants of Minnesota - 1924

Definite evidence of human artifacts in the American Pleistocene - 1925

Mammoth found in loess of Washington - 1926

The Finding of Pleistocene Material in an Asphalt Pit at Carpinteria, California - 1927

American Silurian Crinoids, a review - 1927

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Hairy mammoth skeleton in Utah - 1928

Occurrence of Mammoth and Giant Bison in Glacial Moraines in the High Mountains of Colorado - 1930

Bones of a bird-like dinosaur - 1933

Dinosaur remains in Wyoming - 1934

Teeth of sauropods - 1934

A new mammoth record for Illinois - 1934

Permian sharks of Wyoming and of east Greenland - 1934

A change of names - 1934

A new occurrence of the flying reptile, Pteranodon - 1935

Tetrapods in the Dunkard Series - 1935

The first record of a dinosaur from the West Coast - 1936

Upper Cretaceous Plants from Patagonia - 1937

A Remarkable Sabretooth-Like Creodont From the Eocene of Utah - 1937

Some Pleistocene mammals from Warren County, Virginia - 1938

Research in Venezuela - 1939

The American Museum-Sinclaur Dinosaur Expedition - 1941

Stone Man Cave, Shasta County, California - 1941

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A new quarry for Jurassic dinosaurs - 1945

Recent discoveries in the Egyptian Fayum and Sinai - 1948

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Discovery of Early Cretaceous mammals and frogs in Texas - 1950

Report on Fossil Vertebrates from the Upper Magdalena Valley, Colombia - 1951

Ivory-nut palm from Late Tertiary of Ecuador - 1956

Fossil Canis from the Tar Pits of La Brea, Peru - 1959

Fossil reptiles from the Panchet beds of India - 1959

Devonian plants from the Type section of the Ghost River formation fo Western Alberta - 1962

Ginkgophyton (Psygmophyllum) with a Stem of Gymnospermic Structure - 1963

Fossil forests of Ocu, Panama - 1963

Fossilized stomach contents of a sauropod dinosaur - 1964

No title - 1965

Cretaceous mammals from Montana - 1965

The earliest primates - 1965

Early Eocene bat from Wyoming - 1966

Fossil mammals from Baja California: new evidence on early Tertiary migrations - 1966

Wormlike fossils from the Pennsylvanian of Illinois - 1966

Romeriscus, the Oldest known Reptile - 1967

No title - 1967

Echinoderm calcite: single crystal or polycrystalline aggregate - 1967

Vertebrate Evidence of a Low Sea Level in the Middle Pliocene - 1967

Elephant Teeth from the Atlantic Continental Shelf - 1967

Echinoderms: an autoradiographic study of assimilation of dissolved organic molecules - 1968

Earliest known marsupials - 1968

Holoclemensia instead of Clemensia - 1968

Permian Insect Wing from Antarctic Sentinel Mountains - 1969

Lissamphibian Origins: Possible Protolissamphibian from the Lower Permian of Oklahoma - 1969

X-ray diffraction studies of echinoderm plates - 1969

Predation and the origin of tetrapods - 1969

Paleocene hyracothere from Polecat Bench Formation, Wyoming - 1969

Ctenocystoidea: new class of primitive echinoderms - 1969

Archaeopteryx: notice of a "new" specimen - 1970

Ages of fossil penguins in New Zealand - 1970

A gorilla-sized ape from the Miocene of India - 1971

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An Eocene hystricognathous rodent from Texas: its significance in interpretations of continental drift - 1972

Lystrosaurus Zone (Triassic) Fauna from Antarctica - 1972

Rostroconchia: a new class of bivalved mollusks - 1972

Iguanid lizard from the Upper Cretaceous of Brazil - 1973

Rifting and drift of Australia and the migration of mammals - 1973

Fordilla troyensis Barrande: the oldest known pelecypod - 1973

No title - 1974

Bone foreshafts from a Clovis burial in southwestern Montana - 1974

Molluscan phylogeny: the paleontological viewpoint - 1974

Ape limb bone from the Oligocene of Egypt - 1975

Pterosaur from the latest Cretaceous of West Texas: discovery of the largest flying creature - 1975

Could pterosaurs fly? - 1975

No title - 1976

Mammal teeth from the Forest Marble (Middle Jurassic) of Oxfordshire, England - 1976

Cultural activity associated with prehistoric mammoth butchering and processing - 1976

Fossilized eggs in a Pennsylvanian Blastoid - 1976

Early Man at Holly Oak, Delaware - 1976

Teeth in Ichthyornis (Class: Aves) - 1977

A cheetah-like cat in the North American Pleistocene - 1977

Petrolacosaurus, the Oldest Known Diapsid Reptile - 1977

An El Jobo mastodon kill at Taima-taima, Venezuela - 1978

Lancefield swamp and the extinction of the Australian megafauna - 1978

Cyclic change in Late Triassic lacustrine communities - 1978

Devonian Brachiopods from the Sillimanite Zone, Mount Moosliauke, New Hampshire - 1978

Fossil counterparts of giant penguins from the North Pacific - 1979

The cheetah: native American - 1979

Dinosaurs: a Jurassic assemblage from Patagonia - 1979

No title - 1979

Swimming ability of carnivorous dinosaurs - 1980

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Viviparity and intrauterine feeding in a new Holocephalan fish from the Lower Carboniferous of Montana - 1980

Kimmswick: a Clovis-mastodon association in eastern Missouri - 1981

Paleognathous carinate birds from the early Tertiary of North America - 1981

Tiering in suspension-feeding communities on soft substrata throughout the Phanerozoic - 1982

Skeleton of Diacodexis, oldest known artiodactyl - 1982

Fossil Land Mammal from Antarctica - 1982

No title - 1983

Mesozoic mammals from Arizona: new evidence on mammalian evolution - 1983

Adaptations for climbing in North American multituberculates (Mammalia) - 1983

An ictidosaur fossil from North America - 1983

Origin of whales in epicontinental remnant seas: New evidence from the early Eocene of Pakistan - 1983

No title - 1983

No title - 1984

Late Leonardian plants from west Texas: the youngest Paleozoic plant megafossils in North America - 1984

No title - 1984

Terminal Cretaceous extinctions in the Hell Creek area, Montana: compatible with catastrophic extinction - 1984

End-Cretaceous brachiopod extinctions in the chalk of Denmark - 1984

No title - 1984

No title - 1985

Gradual dinosaur extinction and simultaneous ungulate radiation in the Hell Creek Formation - 1986

Dinosaurs on the North Slope, Alaska: High latitude, latest Cretaceous environments. - 1987

Modern turtle origins: The oldest known cryptodire - 1987

An upper Eocene frog from the Dominican Republic and its implication for Caribbean biogeography - 1987

No title - 1987

Early Archean (3.3-Billion to 3.5-Billion-Year-Old) Microfossils from Warrawoona Group, Australia - 1987

No title - 1987

A fossil reptile embryo from the Middle Triassic of the Alps - 1988

A new specimen of Archaeopteryx - 1988

A new order of Tertiary zalambdodont marsupials - 1988

Middle Mississippian Blastoid Extinction Event - 1988

Paleoceanography of coral reefs in the Hawaiian-Emperor Chain - 1988

Evidence for low temperatures and biologic diversity in Cretaceous high latitudes of Australia - 1988

Evidence from sediments of long-term Acanthaster planci predation on corals of the Great Barrier Reef - 1989

Skeleton of the oldest known pinniped, Enaliarctos mealsi - 1989

Mammal-like dentition in a Mesozoic crocodylian - 1989

Upper Jurassic dinosaur egg from Utah - 1989

Triassic vertebrates of Gondwanan aspect from the Richmond Basin of Virginia - 1990

No title - 1990

Hind limbs of Eocene Basilosaurus: Evidence of feet in whales - 1990

Discovery of the Oldest Known Anthropoidean Skull from the Paleogene of Egypt - 1990

Truth in labeling - 1990

Land animals in the Silurian: arachnids and myriapods from Shropshire, England - 1990

New fossil evidence on the sister-group of mammals and early Mesozoic faunal distributions - 1991

First fossil hagfish (Myxinoidea): A record form the Pennsylvanian of Illinois - 1991

Predatorial Borings in Late Precambrian Mineralized Exoskeletons - 1992

The complete skull and skeleton of an early dinosaur - 1992

Early evolution of avian flight and perching: new evidence from the Lower Cretaceous of China - 1992

Thermophysiology of Tyrannosaurus rex; evidence from oxygen isotopes - 1994

What is a whale? - 1994

A Devonian Tetrapod from North America - 1994

A catastrophic death assemblage and paleoclimatic implications of Pliocene seabirds of Florida - 1994

A crested theropod dinosaur from Antarctica - 1994

A theropod dinosaur embryo and the affinities of the Flaming Cliffs dinosaur eggs - 1994

Early Cretaceous dinosaurs from the Sahara - 1994

Fossil evidence for the origin of aquatic locomotion in archaeocete whales - 1994

African dinosaur discoveries - 1995

Late Triassic turtles from South America - 1995

Predatory dinosaurs from the Sahara and Late Cretaceous faunal differentiation - 1996

Earliest complete dentition of an anthropoid primate from the Late Middle Eocene of Shanxi Province, China - 1996

Nesting dinosaur - 1996

Ecological controls on the evolutionary recovery of post-Paleozoic crinoids - 1996

New feathered fossil brings dinosaurs and birds closer - 1996

Early adaptive radiation of birds: evidence from fossils from northeastern China - 1996

No title - 1997

Gliding Mechanism in the Late Permian Reptile Coelurosauravus - 1997

A hominoid genus from the early Miocene of Uganda - 1997

A tribosphenic mammal from the Mesozoic of Australia - 1997

Genus correction - 1998

The theropod ancestry of birds: new evidence from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar - 1998

Missing link ties birds, dinosaurs - 1998

Early Insect Diversification: Evidence from a Lower Devonian Bristletail from Quebec - 1998

Predatory dinosaur remains from Madagascar: implications for the Cretaceous biogeography of Gondwana - 1998

In Search of the First Flower: A Jurassic Angiosperm, Archaefructus, from Northeast China - 1998

Evidence for extreme climatic warmth from Late Cretaceous Arctic vertebrates - 1998

Ancient diets, ecology, and extinction of 5-million-year-old horses from Florida - 1999

Cretaceous sauropods from the Sahara and the uneven rate of skeletal evolution among dinosaurs - 1999

The evolution of dinosaurs - 1999

Equatorius: a new hominoid genus from the Middle Miocene of Kenya - 1999

Environment and Behavior of 2.5-Million-Year-Old Bouri Hominids - 1999

Response of plant-insect associations to Paleocene-Eocene warming - 1999

A Triassic fauna from Madagascar, including early dinosaurs - 1999

A new primate from the middle Eocene of Myanmar and the Asian early origins of Anthropoids - 1999

Early Permian Bipedal Reptile - 2000

Earliest Pleistocene hominid cranial remains from Dmanisi, Republic of Georgia: taxonomy, geological setting, and age - 2000

Age of Neoproterozoic bilatarian body and trace fossils, White Sea, Russia: implications for metazoan evolution - 2000

A fossil snake with limbs. - 2000

Timing the radiations of leaf beetles: Hispines on gingers from latest Cretaceous to Recent - 2000

A primitive enantiornithine bird and the origin of feathers - 2000

Origin of whales from early artiodactyls: Hands and feet of Eocene Protocetidae from Pakistan - 2001

A new mammaliaform from the Early Jurassic and evolution of mammalian characteristics - 2001

A fossil lemur from the Oligocene of Pakistan. - 2001

A giant sauropod dinosaur from an Upper Cretaceous mangrove deposit in Egypt - 2001

The function of the cranial crest and jaws of a unique pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Brazil - 2002

Archaefructaceae, a New Basal Angiosperm Family - 2002

A new skull of early Homo from Dmanisi, Georgia - 2002

Proterozoic Modular Biomineralized Metazoan from the Nama Group, Namibia - 2002

A Devonian trilobite with an eyeshade - 2003

An Early Cretaceous tribosphenic mammal and metatherian evolution - 2003

The effects of Cenozoic global change on squirrel phylogeny - 2003

The anatomy of the world's largest extinct rodent - 2003

An ostracode crustacean with soft parts from the Lower Silurian - 2003

High Plant Diversity in Eocene South America: Evidence from Patagonia - 2003

A Triassic aquatic protorosaur with an extremely long neck - 2004

Old World fossil record of modern-type hummingbirds - 2004

Pierolapithecus catalaunicus, a new Middle Miocene great ape from Spain - 2004

Modular construction of early Ediacaran complex life forms - 2004

Small mid-Pleistocene hominin associated with East African Acheulean technology - 2004

Osedax: Bone-eating marine worms with dwarf males - 2004

African origins of the domestic donkey - 2004

Transient Floral Change and Rapid Global Warming at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary - 2005

A Late Jurassic digging mammal and early mammalian diversification - 2005

Embryos of an Early Jurassic prosauropod dinosaur and their evolutionary significance - 2005

Independent origins of middle ear bones in monotremes and therians - 2005

A pair of shelled eggs inside a female dinosaur - 2005

Stem lagomorpha and the antiquity of Glires - 2005

Basal anthropoids from Egypt and the antiquity of Africa's higher primate radiation - 2005

The brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis - 2005

Comment on "The brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis" - 2005

Response to comment on "The brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis" - 2005

Response to comment on "The brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis" - 2006

An unusual marine crocodyliform from the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary of Patagonia - 2006

A nearly modern amphibious bird from the early Cretaceous of northwestern China - 2006

A swimming mammaliaform from the middle Jurassic and ecomorphological diversification of early mammals - 2006

The Late Miocene radiation of modern Felidae: A genetic assessment - 2006

Comment on "The brain of LB1, Homo floresiensis" - 2006

Early Cretaceous spider web with its prey - 2006

A fossil bee from Early Cretaceous Burmese amber - 2006

A giant European dinosaur and a new sauropod clade - 2006

Laonastes and the "Lazarus effect" in Recent mammals - 2006

Lower Cambrian Vendobionts from China and Early Diploblast Evolution - 2006

Decoupled plant and insect diversity after the end-Cretaceous extinction - 2006

Halwaxiids and the early evolution of lophotrochozoans - 2007

Late Pleistocene human skull from Hofmeyr, South Africa, and modern human origins - 2007

A Late Triassic dinosauromorph assemblage from New Mexico and the rise of dinosaurs - 2007

Molecular and genomic data identify the closest living relative of Primates. - 2007

Seawater chemistry and early carbonate biomineralization - 2007

A Cretaceous hoofed mammal from India - 2007

A Cretaceous scleractinian coral with a calcitic skeleton - 2007

A basal dromaeosaurid and size evolution preceding avian flight - 2007

Synchronous aggregate growth in an abundant new Ediacaran tubular organism - 2008

Appendix S1: new species descriptions, in A probable pollination mode before angiosperms: Eurasian long-proboscid scorpionflies - 2009

Tyrannosaurid skeletal design first evolved at small body size - 2009

Penultimate Deglacial Sea-Level Timing from Uranium/Thorium Dating of Tahitian Corals - 2009

Evolutionary Development of the Middle Ear in Mesozoic Therian Mammals - 2009

A great-appendage arthropod with a radial mouth from the Lower Devonian Hunsrück Slate, Germany - 2009

A complete skeleton of a Late Triassic saurischian and the early evolution of dinosaurs - 2009

A probable pollination mode before angiosperms: Eurasian long-proboscid scorpionflies - 2009

Appendix S1: new species descriptions, in A probable pollination mode before angiosperms: Eurasian long-proboscid scorpionflies - 2009

Tyrannosaur paleobiology: new research on ancient exemplar organisms - 2010

A basal alvarezsauroid theropod from the early Late Jurassic of Xinjiang, China - 2010

Fossil evidence for evolution of the shape and color of penguin feathers - 2010

Geological setting and age of Australopithecus sediba from southern Africa - 2010

Comment on "A southern tyrant reptile" - 2010

Eocene Patagonia Fossils of the Daisy Family - 2010

A southern tyrant reptile - 2010

Australopithecus sediba: a new species of Homo-like australopith from South Africa - 2010

Dental occlusion in a 260-million-year-old therapsid with saber canines from the Permian of Brazil - 2011

Out of Tibet: Pliocene woolly rhino suggests high-plateau origin of Ice Age megaherbivores - 2011

The Cambrian Conundrum: Early Divergence and Later Ecological Success in the Early History of Animals - 2011

An egg-adult association, gender, and reproduction in pterosaurs - 2011

A basal dinosaur from the dawn of the dinosaur era in southwestern Pangaea - 2011

Viviparity and K-selected life history in a Mesozoic marine Plesiosaur (Reptilia, Sauropterygia - 2011

Dietary Change and Evolution of Horses in North America - 2011

Pre-Clovis mastodon hunting 13,800 years ago at the Manis Site, Washington - 2011

Evolution of the earliest horses driven by climate change in the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum - 2012

ENSO Drove 2500-Year Collapse of Eastern Pacific Coral Reefs - 2012

Feathered non-avian dinosaurs from North America provide insight into wing origins - 2012

Earliest Evolution of Multituberculate Mammals Revealed by a New Jurassic Fossil - 2013

A Jurassic ornithischian dinosaur from Siberia with both feathers and scales - 2014

Phylogenomics resolves the timing and pattern of insect evolution - 2014

Evolutionary development in basal mammaliaforms as revealed by a docodontan - 2015

A four-legged snake from the Early Cretaceous of Gondwana - 2015

An arboreal docodont from the Jurassic and mammaliaform ecological diversification - 2015