Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology

On the Eared Seals (Otariadae), with detailed Descriptions of the North Pacific Species - 1870

Ophiuridae and Astrophytidae of the "Challenger" expedition. 1. - 1878

Some Cretaceous and Eocene corals from Jamaica - 1899

Carboniferous fishes from the central western States - 1903

Sharks' teeth and cetacean bones - 1906

Types of fossil cetaceans in the Museum of Comparative Zoology - 1907

The fossil cetacean, Dorudon serratus GIBBES - 1908

A new fossil cetacean - 1921

New genera of Megapodagrioninae, with notes on the subfamily - 1925

New species of fossil corals from the Dominican Republic - 1925

Fossil insects from the Lower Permian of Kansas - 1926

Fossil mammals from South Carolina - 1926

The osteology of Mesohippus barbouri - 1932

A detailed study of the structure and relationships of a new zalambdodont insectivore from the Middle Oligocene - 1933

Contributions to the Stratigraphy and Palaeontology of the Goshen Hole Area, Wyoming. IV. New Vertebrates and the Stratigraphy of the Oligocene and Early Miocene - 1935

Contributions to the Stratigraphy and Palaeontology of the Goshen Hole Area, Wyoming. III. A New Basal Oligocene Formation - 1935

Contributions to the stratigraphy and palaeontology of the Goshen Hole area, Wyoming. II. The Torrington Member of the Lance Formation and a study of a new Triceratops - 1935

A new tapir from the lower Miocene of Wyoming - 1937

A study of Parahippus wyomingensis and a discussion of the phylogeny of the genus - 1937

Fossil Phoridae in Baltic amber - 1939

Osteology of Seymouria baylorensis Broili - 1939

A fossil river dolphin from Florida - 1941

The Lower Miocene mammal fauna of Florida - 1942

Stahleckeria lenzii, a giant Triassic Brazilian dicynodont - 1944

A revisional study of the fossil Syrphidae - 1945

The Genera of Fossil Conchostraca - an Order of Bivalved Crustacea - 1946

Review of the Labyrinthodontia - 1947

Additions to the Miocene fauna of north Florida - 1947

Baltic amber spiders in the Museum of Comparative Zoology - 1950

A new fossil tortoise from the Thomas Farm Miocene of Florida - 1953

Chirotherium lulli, a pseudosuchian reptile from New Jersey - 1954

On Bolosaurus and the Origin and Classification of Reptiles - 1954

The fossil salamanders of the family Sirenidae - 1955

The Permian reptile Araeoscelis restudied - 1955

Post-Triassic nautiloid genera - 1956

A Classification of Therapsid Reptiles - 1956

Triassic reptile footprint faunules from Milford, New Jersey - 1957

No title - 1958

Additions to the Pleistocene mammalian fauna from Melbourne, Florida - 1958

Studies on the ant fauna of Melanesia V. The tribe Odontomachini - 1959

The rodents of the Deseadan Oligocene of Patagonia and the beginnings of South American rodent evolution - 1959

No title - 1960

The Proscalopinae, a new subfamily of talpid insectivores - 1961

A study of Echmatemys callopyge from the Uinta Eocene of Utah, and its redefinition as a subspecies of E. septaria - 1962

The mammalian fauna of the Divisadero Largo Formation, Mendoza, Argentina - 1962

Morphology, paleoecology, and phylogeny of the Permo-Pennsylvania amphibian Diploceraspis - 1963

Miocene rodents from the Thomas Farm local fauna, Florida - 1963

A review of the North American Tertiary Sciuridae - 1963

Miscellaneous nautilid type species of Alpheus Hyatt - 1963

The larger embolomerous amphibians of the American Carboniferous - 1963

No title - 1964

Rhinoceroses From the Thomas Farm Miocene of Florida - 1964

Early evolution of the dissorophid amphibians - 1964

Early evolution of the dissorophid amphibians - 1964

Neldasaurus wrightae, a new rhachitomous labyrinthodont from the Texas Lower Permian - 1965

A review of the Mesochrysinae and Nothochrysinae (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) - 1967

Proterochampsa barrionuevoi and the early evolution of the Crocodilia - 1967

The Ameghinos' localities for early Cenozoic mammals in Patagonia - 1967

Pipid frogs from the early Cretaceous of Israel and pipid evolution - 1968

Ammonoids of the late Scythian (Lower Triassic) - 1969

North American fossil anguid lizards - 1970

A new rhinoceros from the late Miocene of Loperot, Turkana District, Kenya - 1971

Carboniferous Stem-Reptiles of the Family Romeriidae - 1972

Pelycosaurian Reptiles from the Middle Pennsylvanian of North America - 1972

Romeriid Reptiles from the Lower Permian - 1973

Permian-Triassic strata, Kuh-e-Ali Bashi, northwestern Iran - 1973

Taxonomic descriptions, in Permian-Triassic strata, Kuh-e-Ali Bashi, northwestern Iran - 1973

Nautiloid cephalopods from the Julfa beds, Upper Permian, northwest Iran - 1973

A review of the North American fossil amiid fishes - 1974

No title - 1974

No title - 1975

A temnospondyl amphibian from the Mississippian of Scotland - 1977

Rodents from the Deseadan Oligocene of Bolivia and the relationships of the Caviomorpha - 1982

The skull and dentition of two tritylodontid synapsids from the Lower Jurassic of western North America - 1986

The relationships of the Arctostylopidae (Mammalia): new data and interpretation - 1989

The classification of the Naticidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda): Review and analysis of the supraspecific taxa - 1991

On two advanced carnivorous cynodonts from the Late Triassic of Southern Brazil - 2001

A probainognathian cynodont from South Africa and the phylogeney of nonmammalian cynodonts - 2001

A cynodont from the Upper Triassic of East Greenland: tooth replacement and double-rootedness - 2001

On Microconodon, a Late Triassic cynodont from the Newark Supergroup of eastern North America - 2001

A monographic revision of the ant genus Pristomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) - 2003

Anatomy of Eocaecilia micropodia, a limbed caecilian of the Early Jurassic - 2007