American Midland Naturalist

Descriptions of some typical fossils of the Shellrock stage - 1928

new species of Schizophoria from the Devonian of Iowa - 1928

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The supposed calyx of Lichenocrinus - 1929

Notes on several forms of Lichenocrinus from Black River formations - 1929

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Tapirus haysii of Oklahoma - 1934

No title - 1934

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New echinoderms from the Devonian Cedar Valley Formation of Iowa - 1937

New echinoderms from the Devonian Cedar Valley Formation of Iowa - 1937

The skull of Nannippus gratus (Leidy) from the Lower Pliocene of Texas - 1938

Miocene porpoise (Delphinodon dividum) from southern Maryland - 1939

A Tooth Belonging to the Genus Anomoeodus from the Cretaceous of Maryland - 1939

No title - 1939

No title - 1939

Skull of fossil cetotherean whale, Siphonocetus priscus, from the Miocene of the Cheapeake Bay Region - 1940

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