Ohio Journal of Science

Notes of Silurian fossils from Ohio and other central states - 1917

Racine and Cedarville cystids and blastoids with notes on other echinoderms - 1920

Catalogue of type fossils in the Geological Museum at the Ohio State University - 1924

Additional Species from the Silica Shale of Lucas County, Ohio - 1930

Several new Silurian cephalopods and crinoids chiefly from Ohio and Hudson Bay - 1936

A record of the body weight and certain organ and gland weights of 3690 animals - 1940

Crinoids from the Silica Shale, Devonian, of Ohio - 1940

The age of the Ordovician Kirkfield Formation in Ontario - 1954

Catalog of the type specimens of fossils in the University of Cincinnati Museum - 1963

Pleistocene peccary Platygonus compressus Leconte from Sandusky County, Ohio - 1964

Middle Devonian brachiopods of southeastern Wisconsin - 1965

Endelocrinus kieri, a new crinoid from the Ames Limestone - 1966

On the occurrence of Oklahomacrinus in Ohio and Timor - 1966

Tegmen roof of Plaxocrinus mooresi (Whitfield) - 1967

Parallelocrinus (Crinoidea, Inadunata) in the Ames Limestone, Pennsylvanian, of Ohio - 1971

Endelocrinus kieri in the Pennsylvanian of Nebraska - 1972

A ground sloth, Megalonyx, from a Pleistocene site in Darke Co, Ohio - 1975

Eperisocrinus new genus (Crinoidea, Inadunata): type species Delocrinus missouriensis Miller and Gurley, 1890 - 1977

Color patterns on Pennsylvanian gastropods from Ohio - 1978

Upper Pennsylvanian compression floras of the 7-11 Mine, Columbiana County, northeastern Ohio - 1988