American Museum Novitates

The evolution, phylogeny, and classification of the Proboscidea - 1921

New genera of Paleocene mammals - 1921

<i>Hesperopithecus</i>, the first anthropoid primate found in America - 1922

New Bathyergidae from the Oligocene of Mongolia - 1923

Baluchitherium grangeri, a giant hornless rhinoceros from Mongolia - 1923

Baluchitherium grangeri, a giant hornless rhinoceros from Mongolia - 1923

Protoceratops andrewsi, a pre-ceratopsian dinosaur from Mongolia, with an appendix on the structural relationships of the Protoceratops beds - 1923

No title - 1923

The fauna of the Houldjin gravels - 1923

No title - 1923

The fauna of the Ardyn Obo formation - 1923

Two Lower Cretaceous dinosaurs of Mongolia - 1923

A new genus and species of Ceratopsia from New Mexico, Pentaceratops sternbergii - 1923

Nine new rodents from the Oligocene of Mongolia - 1923

Titanotheres and lophiodonts in Mongolia - 1923

Serridentinus and Baluchitherium, Loh Formation, Mongolia - 1924

New Carnivora from the Tertiary of Mongolia - 1924

Eudinoceras, upper Eocene amblypod of Mongolia - 1924

A new link in the ancestry of the horse - 1924

Cadurcotherium ardynense, Oligocene, Mongolia - 1924

A new crocodilian from the Wasatch beds - 1924

Andrewsarchus, giant mesonychid of Mongolia - 1924

A new spadefoot toad from the Oligocene of Mongolia, with a summary of the evolution of the Pelobatidae - 1924

Parelephas in relation to phyla and genera of the family Elephantidae - 1924

New insectivores and ruminants from the Tertiary of Mongolia, with remarks on the correlation. - 1924

Additional generic and specific stages in the evolution of the Proboscidea - 1924

Psittacosaurus and Protiguanodon: two Lower Cretaceous iguanodonts from Mongolia - 1924

Three new Theropoda, Protoceratops zone, central Mongolia - 1924

Sauropoda and Theropoda from the Lower Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1924

The crinoid occurrence at Crawfordsville, Indiana - 1925

On Protoceratops, a primitive ceratopsian dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1925

A Mesozoic mammal skull from Mongolia - 1925

The microstructure of the dinosaurian egg-shells from the Cretaceous beds of Mongolia - 1925

New mammals from the Irdin Manha Eocene of Mongolia - 1925

Fauna and correlation of the Gashato Formation of Mongolia - 1925

New mammals from the Shara Murun Eocene of Mongolia - 1925

New ungulates from the Ardyn Obo Formation of Mongolia, with faunal list and remarks on correlation - 1925

New Creodonts and Rodents from the Ardyn Obo Formation of Mongolia - 1925

An additional record for the fossil hawk Urubitinga necta - 1926

Descriptions of additional fossil birds from the Miocene of Nebraska - 1926

Cretaceous mammal skulls from Mongolia - 1926

On a new primitive deer and two traguloid genera from the Lower Miocene of Nebraska - 1926

Two new perissodactyls from the Arshanto Eocene of Mongolia - 1926

The skull characters of Crocodylus megarhinus Andrews - 1927

A fossil porpoise from California - 1927

Mammalian Fauna of the Hell Creek Formation of Montana - 1927

Two new fossil amphibia of zoögeographic importance from the Miocene of Europe - 1928

Additional specimens of fossil birds from the Upper Tertiary deposits of Nebraska - 1928

A new mammalian fauna from the Fort Union of southern Montana - 1928

Multituberculates in the Wasatch Formation - 1928

No title - 1928

Paleocene Multituberculates from Mongolia - 1928

Further notes on Mongolian Cretaceous mammals - 1928

New Eurasiatic and American proboscideans - 1929

Embolotherium, gen. nov., of the Ulan Gochu, Mongolia - 1929

Viverrids from the Asiatic expeditions - 1929

No title - 1929

A new Paleocene uintathere and molar evolution in the Ambylpoda - 1929

A new fossil toothed whale from Florida - 1929

Additions to the fauna of the Gashato Formation of Mongolia - 1929

A new species of crocodilian from the Torrejon beds - 1930

The fossil frogs of the intertrappean beds of Bombay, India - 1930

Parelephas floridanus from the Upper Pleistocene of Florida compared with P. jeffersonii - 1930

On a new primitive theromorph (Eumatthevia bolli) - 1930

Additions to the Pleistocene of Florida - 1930

Holmesina septentrionalis, extinct giant armadillo of Florida - 1930

Allognathosuchus mooki, a new crocodile from the Puerco Formation - 1930

New crocodilian remains from the Hornerstown Marls of New Jersey - 1931

No title - 1931

Pleistocene mammals of Fossil Lake, Oregon - 1931

A new insectivore from the Oligocene, Ulan Gochu horizon, of Mongolia - 1931

Genera and new species of ground sloths from the Pleistocene of Cuba - 1931

The supposed occurrences of Mesozoic mammals in South America - 1932

A new species of fossil gavial from the Siwalik beds - 1932

Fossil plants from Chubut territory collected by the Scarritt Patagonian Expedition - 1932

Coryphodonts and uintatheres from the Mongolian expedition of 1930 - 1932

New fossil mammals from the Snake Creek Quarries - 1932

The supposed association of dinosaurs with mammals of Tertiary type in Patagonia - 1932

New or little-known ungulates from the Pyrotherium and Colpodon beds of Patagonia - 1932

A skull of Crocodilus clavis Cope, in the United States National Museum - 1933

The status of Minerva antiqua, Aquila ferox and Aquila lydekkeri as fossil birds - 1933

A skull with jaws of Crocodilus sivalensis Lydekker - 1933

No title - 1933

A new longhorned Belly River ceratopsian - 1933

Mounted skeleton of Triceratops elatus - 1933

A gigantic ceratopsian dinosaur, Triceratops maximus, new species - 1933

A new genus of Stegocephalia from the Triassic of Arizona - 1933

An ancestral crocodile - 1933

Two new dinosaurian reptiles from Mongolia with notes on some fragmentary specimens - 1933

A new crocodilian from the Notostylops beds of Patagonia - 1933

New fossil mammals from the Deep River beds of Montana - 1933

A new species of Teleorhinus from the Benton Shales - 1934

A new antilocaprid and a new cervid from the late Tertiary of Nebraska - 1934

An apparently new family of amblypod mammals from Mongolia - 1934

No title - 1934

Fossil Turtles of Mongolia: Second Contribution - 1934

Occurrence and relationships of the Rio Chico fauna of Patagonia - 1935

No title - 1935

No title - 1935

No title - 1935

No title - 1935

Descriptions of the oldest known South American mammals, from the Rio Chico Formation - 1935

Skeletal remains and restoration of Eocene Entelonychia from Patagonia - 1936

The Fauna of the Sunchal (or Margas Verdes) formation, Northern Argentina - 1936

Taxonomy; The Fauna of the Sunchal (or Margas Verdes) formation, Northern Argentina - 1936

No title - 1936

No title - 1936

Amynodon mongoliensis from the Upper Eocene of Mongolia - 1936

No title - 1936

No title - 1936

No title - 1936

No title - 1937

New reptiles from the Eocene of South America - 1937

A new Jurassic mammal - 1937

An early Pleistocene fauna from Nebraska - 1937

An ancient eusuchian crocodile from Patagonia - 1937

More complete remains of a chelonian, Syllomus crispatus Cope, from the Miocene of Virginia - 1937

The skeleton of <i>Styracosaurus</i> with the description of a new species - 1937

Eocene Mollusca from the Subathu group (Lutetian), Simla Hills state, India - 1937

A Gatun ostracode fauna from Cativa, Panama - 1937

No title - 1937

A new marsupial from the Eocene of Patagonia - 1938

A large Tentaculites from the Shriver Formation (Oriskany) of Pennsylvania - 1938

Upper Miocene Mollusca from Springvale, Trinidad, British West Indies - 1938

A giant oxyaenid from the Upper Eocene of Mongolia - 1938

A new element in the ceratopsian jaw with additional notes on the mandible - 1940

Pleistocene mammals from the Ma Kai Valley of northern Yunnan, China - 1940

A new fossil crocodilian from Mongolia - 1940

Revision of Coelacanthus newarki and notes on the evolution of the girdles and basal plates of the median fins in the Coelacanthini - 1941

No title - 1941

No title - 1941

No title - 1941

No title - 1941

Mounted skeleton and restoration of an early Paleocene mammal - 1941

New fossil Leporidae from Mongolia - 1941

Discovery of jaguar bones and footprints in a cave in Tennessee - 1941

A Miocene Sloth from Southern Chile - 1941

A new crocodilian from the Lance Formation - 1941

Two Tertiary mammals from Northern South America - 1942

The skeleton of Leptoceratops with the description of a new species - 1942

A Miocene tortoise from Patagonia - 1942

Some Upper Cretaceous ammonites from Angola - 1942

A new crocodilian from the Belly River beds - 1942

A new fossil crocodilian from the Paleocene of New Mexico - 1942

Anglosuchus, a new genus of teleosauroid crocodilians - 1942

Some abnormally coiled ammonites from the Upper Cretaceous of Angola - 1943

Note on the first Eocene mammal from South China - 1944

On a supposed new pseudosuchian from Upper Triassic saurischian-bearing Red Beds of Lufeng, Yunnan, China - 1944

The Triassic vertebrate remains of China - 1946

A new Pliocene alligator from Nebraska - 1946

No title - 1946

A Miocene glyptodont from Venezuela - 1947

An Eocene serranid from Patagonia - 1947

A new Oligocene rodent genus from Patagonia - 1949

A new Cretaceous plesiosaur from Venezuela - 1949

A new adianthine litoptern and associated mammals from a Deseadan faunule in Mendoza, Argentina - 1949

A semionotid fish from the Chinle Formation, with consideration of its relationships - 1950

Fossil mammals from the beginning of the Cenozoic in Brazil. Marsupialia: Didelphidae - 1952

Fossil mammals from the beginning of the Cenozoic in Brazil. Marsupialia: Polydolopidae and Borhyaenidae - 1952

Fossil mammals from the beginning of the Cenozoic in Brazil. Notoungulata - 1952

Mesozoic Invertebrate Faunas of Peru Part 3. Lower Jurassic Corals from the Arequipa Region - 1953

On a Notostylopid from the Paleocene of Itaborai, Brazil - 1954

No title - 1954

Two new genera of Eocene crocodilians - 1955

Mendocinia, a subholostean fish from the Triassic of Argentina - 1955

A new xantusiid lizard from the Eocene of Wyoming - 1956

A New Triassic Coral Fauna from Idaho - 1956

Two pelobatid frogs from the Tertiary of North America and their relationships to fossil and recent forms - 1956

A fossil collection from northern Venezuela. 1. Toxodontidae (Mammalia, Notoungulata) - 1957

A revision of the genus Orohippus (Perissodactyla, Equidae) - 1957

No title - 1957

Some Upper Cretaceous corals from New Jersey - 1958

A new genus of colubrid snake from the upper Miocene of North America - 1958

Coelurosaur bone casts from the Connecticut Valley Triassic - 1958

No title - 1959

Late Pleistocene Invertebrates from Punta Cabras, Baja California, Mexico - 1959

The status of the salamander genera Scapherpeton and Hemitrypus of Cope - 1959

No title - 1959

A new species of fossil crocodile of the genus Leidyosuchus from the Green River Beds - 1959

A new Pleistocene crocodilian from Guatemala - 1959

A new Middle Eocene edentate from Wyoming - 1959

Fossil mammals from the type area of the Puerco and Nacimiento strata, Paleocene of New Mexico - 1959

Two new records from the Bridger Middle Eocene of Tabernacle Butte, Wyoming - 1959

No title - 1959

Deep Sea Corals Collected by the Lamont Geological Observatory. 1 Atlantic Corals - 1959

Lower Cretaceous ammonites from Colombia, South America - 1960

A new frog from an Eocene oil-well core in Nevada - 1960

Two new species of Oxydactylus from the middle Miocene Rosebud Formation in western South Dakota - 1960

Diplocynodon remains from the Bridger Beds of Wyoming - 1960

On two ochotonids (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) from the later Tertiary of Inner Mongolia - 1961

No title - 1961

Notes on the skull characters of Allognathosuchus polyodon - 1961

Coelacanth fishes from the continental Triassic of the western United States - 1961

A sciuravid rodent from the middle Eocene of Wyoming - 1962

No title - 1962

Notes on Eocene Mammalia and Mollusca from Tabernacle Butte, Wyoming - 1962

A new species of Brachyuranochampsa (Crocodilia) from the Bridger Beds of Wyoming - 1962

A new bivalve from the Permian of the western United States - 1962

No title - 1963

A primitive rhinoceros from the Late Eocene of Mongolia - 1963

Relationships of the saurischian dinosaurs - 1964

The Triassic dinosaur genera Podokesaurus and Coelophysis - 1964

A Captorhinomorph Predator and its Prey (Cotylosauria) - 1964

Late Eocene rodents (Mammalia) from Inner Mongolia - 1964

No title - 1964

A phytosaur from North Bergen, New Jersey - 1965

A review of the Mastotermitidae (Isoptera), including a new fossil genus from Brazil - 1965

Classification of the Bivalvia - 1965

A gliding reptile from the Triassic of New Jersey - 1966

No title - 1966

Synopsis of Whitneyan and Arikareean camelid phylogeny - 1966

Morphological observations on the bellerophont Ptomatis patulus (Hall) (Gastropoda, Bellerophontacea) - 1966

A note on Toxotherium (Mammalia, Rhinocerotoidea) from Natrona County, Wyoming - 1966

A New Insectivore from the Oligocene of Mongolia and a New Subfamily of Hedgehogs - 1967

Hyrachyus, Chasmotherium, and the early evolution of helaletid tapiroids - 1967

Eocene Balanidae of Florida, Including a New Genus and Species with a Unique Plan of "Turtle-Barnacle" Organization - 1967

A revision of the geology and paleontology of the Bijou Hills, South Dakota - 1967

Paleocene amphibians from Cernay, France - 1967

No title - 1968

Kennatherium shirensis (Mammalia, Palaeoryctoidea), a new didymoconid from the Eocene of Asia - 1968

No title - 1968

A new actinopterygian fish from the Cretaceous of North America - 1968

A Pliocene chalicothere from Nebraska, and the distribution of chalicotheres in the late Tertiary of North America - 1968

A review of the Bathornithidae (Aves, Gruiformes), with remarks on the relationships of the suborder Cariamae - 1968

A Generic Review of the Stenomyline Camels - 1968

No title - 1969

The small Cretaceous dinosaur Dromaeosaurus - 1969

A Jurassic pterosaur from Cuba - 1969

No title - 1969

No title - 1969

Additional Middle Eocene (Bridgerian) mammals from Tabernacle Butte, Sublette County, Wyoming - 1970

No title - 1970

No title - 1970

A saurischian dinosaur from the Triassic of Brazil - 1970

The Cretaceous teleostean fish Cimolichthys from the Niobrara Formation of Kansas and the Pierre Shale of Wyoming - 1970

Merychyus verrucomalus, a new species of oreodont (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from the Middle Miocene Runningwater Formation - 1970

No title - 1971

Michenia, a new protolabine (Mammalia, Camelidae) and a brief review of the early taxonomic history of the genus Protolabis - 1971

A new baenid turtle From the Upper Cretaceous of Montana - 1971

The European adapid primates Agerina and Pronycticebus - 1971

No title - 1971

New paromomyid primate from middle Paleocene beds, Kutz Canyon area, San Juan Basin, New Mexico - 1972

No title - 1972

No title - 1972

A revision of the rove-beetle genus Charhyphus (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Phloeocharinae) - 1972

No title - 1972

High-levelStrataContainingEarlyMiocene Mammals on the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming - 1972

Conspectus of Patagonian fossil penguins - 1972

Labyrinthodont amphibians from Antarctica - 1974

A taxonomic revision of the Jurassic turtles Portlandemys and Plesiochelys - 1975

Solnhofia parsonsi, a new cryptodiran turtle from the Late Jurassic of Europe - 1975

No title - 1975

Gastropods from the Lower Mississippian Wassonville Limestone in southeastern Iowa - 1975

The first Tertiary monotreme from Australia - 1975

Jimomys labaughi, a new geomyoid rodent from the early Barstovian of North America - 1976

No title - 1976

No title - 1976

Review of Some Carnivora (Mammalia) From the Thomas Farm Local Fauna (Hemingfordian: Gilchrist County, Florida) - 1976

No title - 1977

Bodily proportions of Uruguayan myomorph rodents - 1977

No title - 1978

Additional Schizotherium material from China , and a review of Schizotherium dentitions (Perissodactyla, Chalicotheriidae) - 1978

Malacostracan crustacean fauna from the Sundance Formation (Jurassic) of Wyoming - 1978

A palaeonisciform braincase from the Permian of Texas, with comments on cranial fissures and the posterior myodome - 1978

Permian gastropods from Perak Malaysia. Part 2. The trochids, patellids, and neritids - 1979

Redescription and comparison of a highly fossorial mole, Domninoides mimicus (Insectivora, Talpidae), from the Clarendonian - 1979

A Late Permian captorhinid from Rhodesia - 1979

Scaloposaurian reptiles from the Triassic of Antarctica - 1981

New material of the Oligocene muroid rodent Nonomys, and its bearing on muroid origins - 1981

Studies on the Paleozoic Selachian Genus Ctenacanthus Agassiz No. 1. Historical Review and Revised Diagnosis of Ctenacanthus, With a List of Reffered Taxa - 1981

Phylogeny of early Tertiary Carnivora, with a description of a new species of Protictis from the middle Eocene of northwestern Wyoming - 1982

A revision of the fossil genus †Diplomystus, with comments on the interrelationships of clupeomorph fishes - 1982

Studies on the Paleozoic Selachian Genus Ctenacanthus Agassiz: No. 2. Bythiacanthus St. John and Worthen, Amelacanthus, New Genus, Eunemacanthus St. John and Worthen, Sphenacanthus Agassiz, and Wodnika Munster - 1982

An early Eocene sirenian from Patagonia (Mammalia, Sirenia) - 1982

The origin and affinities of the South American Condylarthra and early Tertiary Litopterna (Mammalia) - 1983

Systematics of the Adianthidae (Litopterna, Mammalia) - 1983

No title - 1983

Colosteus scutellatus (Newberry), a primitive temnospondyl amphibian from the Middle Pennsylvanian of Linton, Ohio - 1983

Studies on the Paleozoic Selachian Genus Ctenacanthus Agassiz. No. 3. Nominal Species Referred to Ctenacanthus - 1984

Prosarcodon lonanensis, a new Paleocene micropternodontid palaeoryctoid insectivore from Asia - 1984

On the relationships of the Triassic–Liassic redfieldiiform fishes - 1984

No title - 1984

Biostratigraphy of the Casamayoran, Early Eocene of Patagonia - 1985

The Sespedectinae, a new subfamily of hedgehog-like insectivores - 1985

On the classification of early Tertiary Erinaceomorpha (Insectivora, Mammalia) - 1985

Skeletal integrity of Mimolagus rodens (Lagomorpha, Mammalia) - 1985

Late Cretaceous mammal horizons from the San Juan Basin, New Mexico - 1986

Baluchimyinae, A New Ctenodactyloid Rodent Subfamily from the Miocene of Baluchistan - 1986

Fossil mammals from the "Mesaverde" Formation (Late Cretaceous, Judithian) of the Bighorn and Wind River basins, Wyoming, with definitions of Late Cretaceous North American Land-Mammal "Ages" - 1986

Coelacanths from the Lower Cretaceous of Brazil - 1986

Early Triassic gastropods from the Sinbad Member of the Moenkopi Formation, San Rafael Swell, Utah - 1986

The Triassic reptile Prolacerta in Antarctica - 1987

Late Tertiary mammals from the Mongolian People's Republic - 1987

No title - 1987

No title - 1987

Cranial anatomy of the Lower Jurassic shark Hybodus reticulatus (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii), with comments on hybodontid systematics - 1987

The affinites of Notocetus vanbenedeni, an early Miocene Platanistoid (Cetacea, Mammalia) from Patagonia, Southern Argentina - 1987

No title - 1987

A Trigona from Late Cretaceous Amber of New Jersey (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponinae) - 1988

Skull morphology of Gregorymys and relationships of the Entoptychinae (Rodentia, Geomyidae) - 1988

Goliathyris lewyi, new species (Brachiopoda, Terebratulacea) from the Jurassic of Gebel El-Minshera, northern Sinai - 1988

Hamiltonichthys mapesi, g. & sp. nov. (Chondrichthyes; Elasmobranchii), from the Upper Pennsylvanian of Kansas - 1989

Occurrence, Chemical Characteristics, and Paleontology of the Fossil Resins from New Jersey - 1989

Evolution of the aeluroid Carnivora: significance of the ventral promontorial process of the petrosal, and the origin of basicranial patterns in the living families - 1989

Oligo-Miocene vertebrates from Puerto Rico, with a catalog of localities - 1990

Chonetacean Brachiopods of the "Pink Chonetes" Zone, Onondaga Limestone (Devonian, Eifelian), Central New York - 1990

Mackenziurus, a new genus of the Silurian "Encrinurus" variolaris plexus (Trilobita) - 1990

A New Fossil Species from Dominican Amber of the Living Australian Termite Genus Mastotermes (Isoptera: Mastotermitidae) - 1991

Brachiopods from the Jurassic of Gebel El-Maghara, northern Sinai - 1991

Morphological transformation and cladogenesis at the base of the adaptive radiation of Miocene hypsodont horses - 1991

The Early Cretaceous crocodylomorph Hylaeochampsa vectiana from the Wealden of the Isle of Wight - 1992

Dracochelys, a new cryptodiran turtle from the Early Cretaceous of China - 1992

Estesia mongoliensis, a new fossil Varanoid from the Late Cretaceous Barun Goyot Formation of Mongolia - 1992

The Transylvanian turtle, Kallokibotion, a primitive cryptodire of Cretaceous Age - 1992

Amber Fossil Drosophilidae (Diptera), Part II: Review of the Genus Hyalistata, New Status (Steganinae) - 1993

A new clupeomorph fish from the Santana Formation (Albian) of NE Brazil - 1993

No title - 1993

Enantiornithine (Aves) tarsometatarsi from the Cretaceous Lecho Formation of northwestern Argentina - 1993

The skull of Erlicosaurus andrewsi, a Late Cretaceous "segnosaur" (Theropoda: Therizinosauridae) from Mongolia - 1994

Two previously unknown eupantotheres (Mammalia, Eupantotheria) - 1994

The Late Cretaceous alligatoroid Brachychampsa montana (Crocodylia): new material and putative relationships - 1994

Skeletal morphology of Mononykus olecranus (Theropoda: Avialae) from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia - 1994

No title - 1994

Paleogene mammals from the Andes of central Chile: a preliminary taxonomic, biostratigraphic, and geochronologic assessment - 1994

A Feather in Amber from the Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey - 1995

Origin of the Greater Antillean land mammal fauna, 1: New Tertiary fossils from Cuba and Puerto Rico - 1995

The osteology of Concornis lacustris (Aves: Enantiornithes) from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain and a reexamination of its phylogenetic relationships - 1995

Crania of Apidium: primitive anthropoidean (Primates, Parapithecidae) from the Egyptian Oligocene - 1995

A mammalian petrosal from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia: implications for the evolution of the ear region and mammaliamorph interrelationships - 1995

Caddis flies (Trichoptera) from Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) Amber of New Jersey - 1995

The morphology and relationships of Australochelys, an Early Jurassic turtle from South Africa - 1995

Hedgehog phylogeny (Mammalia, Erinaceidae); the reciprocal illumination of the quick and the dead - 1995

No title - 1996

Synopsis of Late Jurassic marine reptiles from Cuba - 1996

No title - 1996

Basicranial anatomy of Priacodon fruitaensis (Triconodontidae, Mammalia) from the Late Jurassic of Colorado, and a reappraisal of mammaliaform interrelationships - 1996

Reappraisal of the Cormohipparion from the Valentine Formation, Nebraska - 1996

No title - 1996

A New Species of Chungchienia (Tillodontia, Mammalia) from the Eocene of Lushi, China - 1996

A new hyracodontid (Perissodactyla, Rhinocerotoidea) from the Ergilin Dzo Formation (Oligocene, Quarry 1) in Dzamyn Ude, Eastern Gobi Desert, Mongolia - 1996

Some Carnivorous Mammals from the Paleogene of Eastern Gobi Desert, Mongolia, and the application of Oligocene carnivores to stratigraphic correlation - 1996

The bird flies, genus Carnus: species revision, generic relationships, and a fossil Meoneura in amber (Diptera: Carnidae) - 1997

A Fossil Mantis (Insecta: Mantodea) in Cretaceous Amber of New Jersey, with Comments on the Early History of the Dictyoptera - 1997

Maastrichtian ammonites from the Severn Formation of Maryland - 1997

A Pulicid Flea in Miocene Amber from the Dominican Republic (Insecta: Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) - 1997

Braincase and phylogenetic relationships of Estesia mongoliensis from the Late Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert and the recognition of a new clade of lizards - 1997

Important features of the dromaeosaur skeleton: information from a new specimen - 1997

Social Wasps in Amber - 1997

A new multituberculate from the Late Cretaceous locality Ukhaa Tolgod, Mongolia. Considerations on multituberculate interrelationships - 1997

Taxonomic revision of Carusia (Reptilia: Squamata) from the Late Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert and phylogenetic relationships of anguimorphan lizards - 1998

Evolution of the aeluroid Carnivora: diversity of the earliest aeluroids from Eurasia (Quercy, Hsanda-Gol) and the origin of felids - 1998

Anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of the theropod dinosaur Microvenator celer from the Lower Cretaceous of Montana - 1998

A partial ornithomimid braincase from Ukhaa Tolgod (Upper Cretaceous, Mongolia) - 1998

No title - 1998

New Eocene ctenodactyloid rodents from the Eastern Gobi Desert of Mongolia and a phylogenetic analysis of ctenodactyloids based on dental features - 1998

Two new species of Nicoletiidae (Zygentoma, "Apterygota," Insecta) in Dominican amber - 1998

A New Eocene Cylindrodont Rodent (Mammalia, Rodentia) from the Eastern Gobi of Mongolia - 1998

Foxemys, a new side-necked turtle (Bothremydidae: Pelomedusoides) from the Late Cretaceous of France - 1998

No title - 1998

A New Representative of the Hypertraguloidea (Tragulina, Ruminantia) from the Khoer-Dzan Locality in Mongolia, with Remarks on the Relationships of the Hypertragulidae - 1998

Otwayemys, a nw cryptodiran turtle from the Early Cretaceous of Australia - 1998

Megachile glaesaria, the First Megachilid Bee Fossil from Amber (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) - 1999

A new Lower Triassic Permophorus from the central Rocky Mountains - 1999

Important features of the dromaeosaur skeleton II: information from newly collected specimens of Velociraptor mongoliensis - 1999

Additions to the ammonite fauna of the Upper Cretaceous Navesink Formation of New Jersey - 2000

A Middle Devonian Trilobite Assemblage from Venezuela - 2000

Late Cenozoic Land Mammals from Grenada, Lesser Antilles Island-Arc - 2000

Stratigraphy and magnetostratigraphic/faunal constraints for the age of sauropod embryo-bearing rocks in the Neuquén Group (Late Cretaceous, Neuquén province, Argentina) - 2000

A New Interpretation of the Oldest Fossil Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) - 2000

No title - 2000

The Extinct Fauna of Stingless Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponini) in Dominican Amber: Two New Species and Redescription of the Male of Proplebeia dominicana (Wille and Chandler) - 2000

A new skull of Gobipteryx minuta (Aves, Enantiornithes) from the Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert - 2001

A new carinate bird from the late Cretaceous of Patagonia (Argentina - 2001

Santonian Ammonites from the Blossom Sand in Northeast Texas - 2001

A new and unusual aquatic reptile from the Lockatong Formation of New Jersey (Late Triassic, Newark Supergroup) - 2001

A Review of the Problematic Extinct Teleost Fish Araripichthys, with a Description of a New Species from the Lower Cretaceous of Venezuela - 2001

An embryonic oviraptorid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia - 2001

A Partial Skeleton of Pseudaelurus (Carnivora: Felidae) from the Nambé Member of the Tesuque Formation, Española Basin, New Mexico - 2001

Gobiconodonts from the Early Cretaceous of Oshih (Ashile), Mongolia - 2001

Azabbaremys, a new Side-Necked Turtle (Pelomedusoides: Bothremydidae) from the Paleocene of Mali - 2001

Earliest eutherian ear region: a petrosal referred to Prokennalestes from the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia - 2001

Cearachelys, a new side-necked turtle (Pelomedusoides: Bothremydidae) from the Early Cretaceous of Brazil - 2001

Appendix 1. Descriptions of a new genus and three new species of Rhizoecinae (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) associated with ants of the genus Acropyga Roger in Dominican amber - 2001

Kurmademys, a new side-necked turtle (Pelomedusoides: Bothremydidae) from the Late Cretaceous of India - 2001

A new presbyornithid bird (Aves, Anseriformes) from the Late Cretaceous of southern Mongolia - 2002

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New specimens of Microraptor zhaoianus (Theropoda: Dromaeosauridae) from northeastern China - 2002

Redescription of †Ellimma branneri and †Diplomystus shengliensis, and relationships of some basal Clupeomorphs - 2003

Decription of the earliest fossil penguin from South America, and first Paleogene vertebrate locality of Teirra del Fuego, Argentina - 2003

Phylogenetic systematics of North American Pseudaelurus (Carnivora: Felidae) - 2003

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Side-necked turtle lower jaws (Podocnemididae, Bothremydidae) from the Late Cretaceous Maevarano Formation of Madagascar - 2003

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First Jurassic triconodont from South America - 2007

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A juvenile specimen of Anshunsaurus (Reptilia: Thalattosauria) - 2007

Phylogeny and geological history of the cynipoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea) - 2007

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Insects from the upper Miocene Grubstake Formation of Alaska - 2008

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Meiatermes hariolus name, in The species of Isoptera (Insecta) from the Early Cretaceous Crato Formation: a revision - 2008

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New material of North American side-necked turtles (Pleurodira: Bothremydidae) - 2009

New material of North American side-necked turtles (Pleurodira, Bothremydidae) - 2009

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Pseudotoothed birds (Aves, Odontopterygiformes) from the early Tertiary of Morocco - 2010

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Two new taxa (Caviomorpha, Rodentia) from the Early Oligocene Tinguiririca fauna (Chile) - 2012

Taxonomic names, in Leehermania prorova, the earliest staphyliniform beetle, from the Late Triassic of Virginia (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) - 2012

Leehermania prorova, the earliest staphyliniform beetle, from the Late Triassic of Virginia (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) - 2012

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Taxonomic names, in A new lineage of enigmatic diaprioid wasps in Cretaceous amber (Hymenoptera: Diaprioidea) - 2013

Taxonomic names, in A new lineage of enigmatic diaprioid wasps in Cretaceous amber (Hymenoptera: Diaprioidea) - 2013

Taxonomic names, in A new lineage of enigmatic diaprioid wasps in Cretaceous amber (Hymenoptera: Diaprioidea) - 2013

New materials of Estesia mongoliensis (Squamata: Anguimorpha) and the evolution of venom grooves in lizards - 2013

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New evanioid wasps from the Cenomanian of Myanmar (Hymenoptera: Othniodellithidae, Aulacidae), with a summary of family-group names among Evanioidea - 2017