Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society

James Harrison of Charmouth, geologist (1819–1864) - 1947

The Mesozoic reptiles of Dorset. Part one - 1958

The Mesozoic reptiles of Dorset. Part three: conclusion - 1960

The Mesozoic reptiles of Dorset. Part two - 1960

Notes on Purbeck fossil footprints, with descriptions of two hitherto unknown forms from Dorset - 1963

New records of dinosaurs and other fossil reptiles from Dorset - 1966

A short history of the discovery of reptilian footprints in the Purbeck Beds of Dorset, with notes on their stratigraphical distribution - 1973

Worbarrow Bay footprints - 1975

Multiple dinosaur trackways from the Isle of Purbeck - 1982

Discovery of a specimen of the plesiosaur Colymbosaurus trochanterius (Owen) on the Island of Portland - 1984

An ammonite fauna preserved in rock fragments dredged from Lyme Bay - 1985

Scelidosaur remains from the Lower Lias of Dorset - 1987

A remarkable new vertebrate site in the Purbeck Limestone Formation on the Isle of Purbeck - 1987

A megalosaurid dinosaur jawbone from the Kimmeridge Clay of the seabed of West Bay, Dorset - 1987

Excavations at Sunnydown Farm, Langton Matravers, Dorset: amphibians discovered in the Purbeck Limestone Formation - 1988

Notes on some Purbeck sediments associated with the dinosaur footprints at Sunnydown Farm, near Langton Matravers, Dorset - 1988

Plesiosaurus sp. from the Middle Lias of the Dorset coast - 1989

Sunnydown Farm sauropod footprint site - 1989

New scelidosaur remains from the Lower Lias of Dorset - 1989

Correction to 'A remarkable vertebrate site in the Purbeck Limestone Formation in the isle of Purbeck', P. C. Ensom, Dorset Proceedings, Vol. 108, 1987, pp. 205-206 - 1990

A new tridactyl footprint impression in Durlston Bay, Swanage - 1990

Predation amongst Jurassic marine reptiles - 1992

The occurrence of megalosaurs in the Portlandian of Dorset - 1992

Small reptiles and amphibians from the Forest Marble (Middle Jurassic) of Dorset - 1992

Important recently collected dinosaurian remains from the Lower Kimmeridge Clay at Weymouth - 1994

A new vertebrate trackway from the Intermarine Member, Purbeck Limestone Formation, Dorset - 1994

The fauna and flora of the Sunnydown Farm footprint site and associated sites: Purbeck Limestone Formation, Dorset - 1994

Dinosaur footprint records for the Purbeck Limestone Group, Dorset, since 1981 - 1995

Dinosaur vertebra from Watton Cliff - 1995

Towards a revision of Purbeck insects: Protogryllus, Panorpidium, Pleciomyia, and Prohousea nom. nov. - 1996

New fossil insect records from the Purbeck of Dorset and the Wealden of the Weald - 1997

Albanerpetontid amphibians from the Lower Cretaceous of the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset - 1997

Keates' Quarry dinosaur footprint site, Intermarine Member, Purbeck Limestone Group (Berriasian), UK - 1998

Insect-bearing horizons in the type Purbeck and new Purbeck/Wealden flies (Diptera) - 1998

Dinosaurs of Dorset: part I, the carnivorous dinosaurs (Saurischia, Theropoda) - 2009

The Inferior Oolite at Coombe Quarry, near Mapperton, Dorset, and a new Middle Jurassic ammonite faunal horizon, Aa-3b, Leioceras comptocostosum n.biosp. in the Scissum Zone of the Lower Aalenian - 2009

Inferior Oolite (Middle Jurassic) hardgrounds and the associated faunas at Coombe Quarry, Mapperton, near Beaminster, Dorset - 2009

Dinosaurs of Dorset: Part II, the sauropod dinosaurs (Saurischia, Sauropoda) with additional comments of the theropods - 2010