Geologiska Föreningens i Stockholm Förhandlingar

Om en nyupptäckt fauna i block av kambrisk sandsten, insamlade av dr N. O. Holst - 1910

Die Mollusken und Brachiopoden der Kreide bei Tormarp in Schweden. - 1940

Preliminary notes on fossil polyplacophorans from Sweden - 1943

Neue Fossilfünde aus dem Rhät Schonens und ihre paläogeographisch-ökologische Auswertung [New fossil find from the Scanian Rhaetic and its paleogeographic-ecologic evaluation] - 1952

On the lower Chasmops beds in the Fågelsåang district (Scania) - 1953

The first finds of dinosaurian skeletal remains in the Rhaetic-Liassic of N.W. Scania - 1954

Isospira reticulata n. sp. from the Upper Ordovician Boda Limestone, Sweden - 1964

Remarks on the problematic fossil Xenusion auerswaldae - 1967

Notes on some Upper Silurian multielement conodonts - 1969

Cyclostomatous Bryozoa from the Kullsberg Limestone - 1974

Bryozoa from the Upper Ordovician Dalmanitina Beds of Kinnekulle, Sweden - 1980

The Middle Cambrian Kalby and Borregård Members of Bornholm, Denmark - 1981

A re-evaluation of the Ordovician cystoid Stichocystis Jaekel and the taxonomic implications - 1981

Symmetry and ambulacral pattern of the rhombiferan superfamily Caryocystitida and the relationship to other Blastozoa - 1982

Morphology, growth and taxonomy of the Ordovician rhombiferan Caryocystites - 1982

A Silurian crinoid thanatotope from Gotland - 1982

Pseudoscalites (Gastropoda; Pleurotomariacea) from the Silurian of Gotland - 1984

Ristnacrinus and the oldest myelodactylid from the Ashgill Boda Limestone of Sweden - 1985

Rugose corals from the Upper Ordovician erratic boulders of Öland - 1986

Functional morphology of an unusual pelmatozoan column from the Ashgill Boda Limestone, Sweden - 1987

Discinacean brachiopods from the Ordovician Kullsberg an Boda limestones of Dalarna, Sweden - 1987

Myelodactylid crinoid columnals from the Lower Visby Beds (Llandoverian) of Gotland - 1988

Cheirurina (Trilobita) from the upper Ordovician of Västergötland and other regions of Sweden - 1991

New genera of Upper Ordovician triplesiid brachiopods from Sweden - 1993

A homoeomorph of the articulate brachiopod Dicoelosia from the Upper Ordovician Hulterstad fauna of Öland, Sweden - 1993

The Ordovician-Silurian boundary successions in Östergötland and Västergötland, S. Sweden - 1996

Late Ordovician brachiopod assemblage of Hiberno-Salairian type from central Kazakhstan - 1996

A new species of Mimospira (Onychochiloidea, Mollusca) from the Middle Ordovician of Estonia - 1997

Multiple attempted predation in the Middle Ordovician gastropod Bucania gracillima - 1998

Redescription of the type species of Latouchella Cobbold, 1921 (Mollusca) from the Lower Cambrian of Comley, England - 1998

Revision of the Ordovician plectambonitoid brachiopod Ujukella Andreev and related genera - 1999

Age constraints from small shelly fossils on the early Cambrian terminal Cadomian Phase in Iberia - 1999

Unusually preserved Salterella from the Lower Cambrian Forteau Formation of Newfoundland - 2003

Shell breakage in two pleurotomarioid gastropods from the Upper Carboniferous of Texas, and its relation to shell morphology - 2003

Early Cambrian lingulate brachiopods from the Shaanxi Province, China - 2004

Asymmetry and musculatrue in some Carboniferous bellerophontiform gastropods (Mollusca) - 2004

A carapace of the bradoriid arthropod Mongolitubulus from the Early Cambrian of Greenland - 2005

The Lower Cambrian brachiopod Kyrshabaktella and associated shelly fossils from the Harkless Formation, southern Nevada - 2006

Lower Cambrian helcionelloid molluscs from Estonia - 2007