Annals of the Carnegie Museum

Astropecten ? montanatus a new star-fish from the Fort Benton; and some geological notes - 1903

Description of a new genus and species of tortoise from the Jurassic of Colorado - 1903

The Chazy Formation and its fauna - 1906

The Gastropoda of the Chazy Formation - 1908

A preliminary list of the fauna of the Allegheny and Conemaugh series in western Pennsylvania - 1910

Editorial notes - 1911

The Brachiopoda and Ostracoda of the Chazyan - 1911

Tertiary fish-remains from Spanish Guinea in west Africa - 1912

Editorial notes - 1913

A new rhynchocephalian from the Jura of Solenhofen - 1914

The Pelecypoda of the Chazy Formation - 1916

Fossil birds formt he Green River deposits of eastern Utah - 1926

A scorpion-fly from the Green River Eocene - 1928

A new species of Delocrinus - 1932

Carboniferous insects from Pennsylvania in the Carnegie Museum and the Museum of Comparative Zoology - 1934

New and previously known Middle Devonian Crinoids of New York - 1935

Evolution and relationships of the heteromyid rodents with new forms from the Tertiary of western North America - 1935

Some Upper Devonian crinoids from New York - 1935

A new notastracan genus from the Ordovician of Siberia - 1936

An Upper Devonian species of Aorocrinus - 1938

Additional treefrogs (Hylidae) from the North American Pleistocene - 1966

A new Endelocrinus from the Brush Creek Limestone (Pennsylvanian) of Pennsylvania - 1967

A new Peromyscus (Rodentia: Cricetidae) from the Pleistocene of Maryland - 1967

The crinoid genus Polusocrinus in the Ames Limestone (Pennsylvanian) of West Virginia - 1971

The Late Pleistocene small mammals of Eagle Cave, Pendleton County, West Virginia - 1973

Four new pirasocrinid crinoids from the Ames Limestone, Pennsylvanian, of Brooke County, West Virginia - 1974

Edaphosaurus (Reptilia, Pelycosauria) from the Lower Permian of Northeastern United States, with description of a new species - 1979

Paleobiogeographic patterns in Late Mississippian trilobites of the United States with new species from Montana - 2005

An oxyteline rove beetle in Dominican amber with possible African affinities (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae) - 2009

The fauna of Staphylininae in Dominican amber (Coleoptera: Staphylindae) - 2013