Proceedings of the Geologists' Association

Excursion to Hastings. Notes on the excusrion - 1863

Excursion to Swindon and Faringdon. June 5th (Whit-Monday), and following day - 1876

History of the restoration of extinct animals - 1877

On the Dinosauria - 1879

Note on megalosaurian teeth discovered by Mr. J. Alstone in the Portlandian of Aylesbury - 1895

Excursion to Crowborough - 1907

On the fossiliferous lower Keuper rocks of Worcestershire, with descriptions of some of the plants and animals discovered therein - 1910

The geology of the Eastbourne–Hastings coastline. With special reference to the localities visited by the Association in June, 1925 - 1925

A synopsis of the Jurassic rocks of Yorkshire. III. The Middle Jurassic rocks - 1934

The dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight - 1936

The genus Gibbirhynchia in the British Domerian - 1954

Some new Liassic terebratuloids - 1956

On some reptilian bones from the Weald Clay of Surrey - 1956

A primitive whale from the London Clay of the Isle of Sheppey - 1963

The Palaeogene beds of south-east England - 1965

Whitsun Field Meeting in the Weymouth area, 1966 - 1969

The Brachiopods of the Erratic Blocks of Spilsby Sandstone in Norfolk and Suffolk - 1971

A new stromatoporoid (Actinostromaria faringdonensis) from the Lower Greensand of England - 1971

The turtle fauna of the Eocene phosphates of Metaloui, Tunisia - 1972

Wealden Palaeoecology from the Distribution of Plant Fossils - 1974

The Fairford coral beds - 1975

A mammalian fossil from the Forest Marble (Middle Jurassic) of Dorset - 1976

Biostratigraphy and correlation of the Coralliferous Group and Gray Sandstone Group (Silurian) of Pembrokeshire - 1976

The corals of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire (English upper Oxfordian) - 1979

Dinosaur footprints in the Wealden at Fairlight, East Sussex - 1983

Triassic vertebrates from the Otter Sandstone Formation of Devon, England - 1983

A new Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) microvertebrate site, within the Chipping Norton Limestone Formation at Honsleasow Quarry, Gloucestershire - 1992

Footprints of a sauropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of Yorkshire - 1993

New records of the sharks Isurus and Hexanchus from the Eocene of Seymour Island, Antarctica - 1994

Fossil dragonflies in Horsham Museum - 1994

Stratigraphy, palaeontology and palaeoenvironment of the Wessex Formation (Wealden Group, Lower Cretaceous) at Yaverland, Isle of Wight, southern England - 1994

The stratigraphy, sedimentology and palaeontology of the Lower Weald Clay (Hauterivian) at Keymer Tileworks, West Sussex, southern England - 1996

Possible baryonychid dinosaur teeth from the Wessex Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Barremian) of the Isle of Wight, England - 1996

Pterosaur tracks from the Purbeck Limestone Formation of Dorset, England - 1997

On Asian ornithopods (Dinosauria: Ornithischia). 2. Arstanosaurus akkurganensis Shilin and Suslov, 1982 - 1997

Fossil damselflies and dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata) from the late Upper Eocene of southern England - 1999

Curious snipe-flies (Diptera: Rhagionidae) from the Purbeck of Dorset, The Wealden of the Weald and the Lower Cretaceous of Spain and Transbaikalia - 2000

Herbivorous dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) of Guimarota, Portugal - 2001

Calcareous nannofossils of the Gault, Upper Greensand and Glauconitic Marl (Middle Albian-Lower Cenomanian) from the BGS Selborne boreholes, Hampshire - 2001

Probable stegosaurian dinosaur tracks from the Saltwick Formation (Middle Jurassic) of Yorkshire, England - 2001

A Cernaysian mammal from the Upnor Formation (Late Palaeocene, Herne Bay, UK) and its implications for correlation - 2001

A reappraisal of Thecocoelurus daviesi (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Early Cretaceous of the Isle of Wight - 2002

The historical taxonomy of the Lower Cretaceous theropods (Dinosauria) Calamospondylus and Aristosuchus from the Isle of Wight - 2002

The earliest discoveries of dinosaurs: the records re-examined - 2002

The earliest damselfly like insect and the origin of modern dragonflies (Insecta: Odonatoptera: Protozygoptera) - 2002

The ammonite biostratigraphy of the Lower Lias "Armatum Bed" (Upper Sinemurian-Lower Pliensbachian) at St Peter's Field, Radstock, Somerset - 2003

Fossil echinoderms from the Carboniferous Limestone sea defence blocks at Barton-on-sea, Hampshire, southern England - 2003

A definitive allosauroid (Dinosauria; Theropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous of East Sussex - 2003

Material referred to Megalosaurus (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Middle Jurassic of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire, England: one taxon or two? - 2004

The first record of lizards and amphibians from the Wessex Formation (Lower Cretaceous: Barremian) of the Isle of Wight, England - 2004

A new species of Kimmeridgian pliosaur (Reptilia; Sauropterygia) and its bearing on the nomenclature of Liopleurodon macromerus - 2004

A new caddisfly larval case (Insecta, Trichoptera) from the Lower Cretaceous Vectis Formation (Wealden Group) of the Isle of Wight, southern England - 2006

First vertebrate body remains from the Permian of Argentina (Elasmobranchii and Actinopterygii) - 2010

A new specimen of Ichthyosaurus communis from Dorset, UK, and its bearing on the stratigraphical range of the species - 2012

New cranial remains of titanosaurian sauropod dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous of Fox-Amphoux-Métisson (Var, SE France) - 2012

A robust sauropodomorph specimen from the Upper Triassic of Argentina and insights on the diversity of the Los Colorados Formation - 2012

An abelisauroid dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of Laurasia and its implications on theropod palaeobiogeography and evolution - 2012

A reappraisal of a putative record of abelisauroid theropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of England - 2012

A pterosaur humerus and scapulocoracoid from the Jurassic Whitby Mudstone Formation, and the evolution of large body size in early pterosaurs - 2013

Vertebrates from the Late Triassic Thecodontosaurus-bearing rocks of Durdham Down, Clifton (Bristol, UK) - 2014

An ichthyosaur (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria) specimen from the Lower Cretaceous (Berriasian) Spilsby Sandstone Formation of Nettelton, Lincolnshire, UK - 2014

A distinctive Late Triassic microvertebrate fissure fauna and a new species of Clevosaurus (Lepidosauria: Rhynchocephalia) from Woodleaze Quarry, Gloucestershire, UK - 2015

First occurrence of the pterosaur Coloborhynchus (Pterosauria, Ornithocheiridae) from the Wessex Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of the Isle of Wight, England - 2015

The earliest byrrhoids (Coleoptera, Elateriformia) from the Jurassic of China and their evolutionary implications - 2015

A systematic account of the ammonite faunas of the Obtusum Zone (Sinemurian Stage, Lower Jurassic) from Marston Magna, Somerset, UK - 2016

A new true dragonfly (Odonata, Anisoptera, Gomphaeschnaoidini) from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber - 2016

An amber double first: a new brochocolein beetle (Coleoptera: Archostemata) from northern Myanmar - 2016