Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London

On the Tertiary or SupraCretaceous Formations of the Isle of Wight as exhibited in the sections at Alum Bay and White Cliff Bay - 1846

On a new species of pterodactyl found in the Upper Chalk of Kent (P. giganteus) - 1846

On the neighborhood of Bombay, and certain beds containing fossil frogs - 1847

On the fossil remains of Mammalia referable to the genus Palaeotherium, and to two genera, Paloplotherium and Dichodon, hitherto undefined: from the Eocene Sand at Hordle, Hampshire - 1847

On the Batracholites, indicative of a small species of frog (Rana pusilla, Ow) - 1847

Description of teeth and portions of jaws of two extinct Anthracotherioid quadrupeds (Hyopotamus vectianus and Hyop. bovinus) discovered by the Marchioness of Hastings in the Eocene deposits on the NW coast of the Isle of Wight: with an attempt to develope Cuvier's idea of the Classification of Pachyderms by the number of their toes - 1848

Observations on the Cystidea of M. Von Buch, and the Crinoidea generally - 1848

Some considerations on palaeontological statics (sic), "drawn up from the "History of Nature" (Geschickte der Nature)", or Index Palaeontologicus - 1849

Notes on remains of fossil reptiles discovered by Prof Henry Rogers of Pennsylvania, US, in Greensand Formations of New Jersey - 1849

Descriptions of new species of fossil shells found by J.S. Heniken Esq - 1850

Description of the Telerpeton elginense and observations on supposed fossil ova of batrachians in the Lower Devonian strata of Forfarshire - 1852

On the Remains of a Reptile (Dendrerpeton acadianum, Wyman and Owen) and of a Land Shell discovered in the Interior of an Erect Fossil Tree in the Coal Measures of Nova Scotia - 1853

Descriptions of the new species of Zoophyta and Mollusca (appendix B to Ribeiro, Carlos, Carboniferous and Silurian formation of the neighborhood of Bussaco in Portugal) - 1853

On some fossil reptilian and mammalian remains from the Purbecks - 1854

On the Ornithoidichnites of the Wealden - 1854

On the “Caradoc Sandstone” of Shropshire - 1854

Contributions to fossil entomology - 1854

On the fossil skull of a mammal (Prorastomus sirenoides, Owen), from the Island of Jamaica - 1855

Descriptions of the cranium of a labyrinthodont reptile (Brachyops laticeps), from Mangali, Central India - 1855

On the fossil skull of a mammal (Prorastomus sirenoides, Owen), from the Island of Jamaica - 1855

Description of some mammalian fossils from the Red Crag of Suffolk - 1856

On the Dichodon cuspidatus, Owen - 1857

On a new species of Plesiosaurus from Street, near Glastonbury; with remarks on the structure of the atlas and axis vertebrae, and of the cranium, in that genus - 1858

Notes on the fossils collected by Mr Geikie from the Lias of the Isles of Pabba, Scalpa and Skye - 1858

On Rhamphorhynchus bucklandi a new pterosaurian from the Stonesfield Slate - 1859

On some fossil reptilian eggs from the Great Oolite of Cirencester - 1859

On the Tertiary deposits, associated with trap-rock, in the East Indes - 1859

On a new species of dicynodont (D. murrayi) from near Colesburg, South Africa; and on the structure of the skull in dicynodonts - 1859

On a fossil bird and a fossil cetacean from New Zealand - 1859

On the Stagonolepis robertsoni (Agassiz) of the Elgin Sandstones; and on the recently discovered footmarks in the sandstones of Cummingstone - 1859

On the discovery of some fossil remains near Bahia in South America - 1860

On some reptilian fossils from South Africa - 1860

On a Terrestrial Mollusk, a Chilognathous Myriapod, and some New Species of Reptiles, from the Coal-Formation of Nova Scotia - 1860

On some reptilian fossils from South Africa - 1860

On a Terrestrial Mollusk, a Chilognathous Myriapod, and some New Species of Reptiles, from the Coal-Formation of Nova Scotia - 1860

Description of Specimens of Fossil Reptilia discovered in the Coal-measures of the South Joggins, Nova Scotia, by Dr. J. W. Dawson, FGS, etc - 1862

On the footprint of an Iguanodon, lately found at Hastings - 1862

On new labyrinthodonts from the Edinburgh coal-field - 1862

On some natural casts of reptilian footprints in the Wealden beds of the Isle of Wight and of Swanage - 1862

Notice of a New Species of Dendrerpeton, and of the Dermal Coverings of certain Carboniferous Reptiles - 1863

Descriptions of some fossils from India, discovered by Dr. A. Fleming of Edinburgh - 1863

On the fossil corals of the West Indian Islands - 1863

Description of Anthracosaurus russelli, a new labyrinthodont form the Lanarkshire coal field - 1863

A notice of the geology of Jamaica, especially with reference to the district of Clarendon; with descriptions of the Cretaceous, Eocene and Miocene corals of the islands. - 1865

On the sources of the mammalian fossils of the Red Crag, and the discovery of a new mammal in that deposit, allied to the walrus - 1865

No title - 1866

On some remains of large dinosaurian reptiles from the Stormberg Mountains, South Africa - 1866

On a new specimen of Telerpeton elginense - 1867

On the succession of beds in the "New Red" on the south coast of Devon, and on the locality of a new specimen of Hyperodapedon - 1869

Note on a large saurian humerus from the Kimmeridge Clay of the Dorset coast - 1869

Notes on some fossil remains of a gavial-like saurian from Kimmeridge Bay, collected by J. C. Mansel, Esq., establishing its identity with Cuvier's deuxième gavial d'Honfleur, tête à museau plus court (Steneosaurus rostro-minor of Goeffroy St.-Hilaire, 1825), and with Quenstedt's Dakosaurus - 1869

On Hyperodapedon - 1869

[Some remarks as to the stratigraphical range of Megalosaurus] - 1869

[A notice of some specimens of Megalosaurian bones in this Museum] - 1870

On Dorypterus hoffmanni, Germar, from the Marl-slate of Midderidge, Durham - 1870

Note on a new and undescribed Wealden vertebra - 1870

Contributions to a knowledge of the newer tertiaries of Suffolk and their fauna - 1870

Appendix to a 'Note on a new and undescribed Wealden vertebra,' read 9th February 1870, and published in the Quarterly Journal for August in the same year - 1871

Description of the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic fossils of Queensland - 1872

On some undescribed fossils from the Menevian Group of Wales - 1872

Contribution to the anatomy of <i>Hypsilophodon foxii</i>. An account of some recently acquired remains - 1873

On the Tremadoc rocks in the neighbourhood of St. David's, South Wales, and their fossil contents - 1873

On the Tremadoc rocks in the neighbourhood of St. David's, South Wales and their fossil contents - 1873

Discussion - 1873

Supplemental note on the anatomy of <i>Hypsilophodon foxii</i> - 1874

Note on a very large saurian limb-bone adapted for progression upon land, from the Kimmeridge Clay of Weymouth, Dorset - 1874

On the Trimerellidae, a Palaeozoic family of the palliobranchs or Brachiopoda - 1874

On the pectoral arch and fore limb of Ophthalmosaurs, a new ichthyosaurian genus from the Oxford Clay - 1874

Note on some generic modifications of the plesiosaurian pectoral arch - 1874

Note on a modified form of dinosaurian ilium, hitherto reputed scapula - 1874

On Muraenosaurus leedsii, a plesiosaurian from the Oxford Clay, Part I - 1874

Description of the skull of a species of Halitherium (H. canhami) from the Red Crag of Suffolk - 1874

Note on a reptilian tibia and humerus (probably of <i>Hylaeosaurus</i>) from the Wealden Formation in the Isle of Wight - 1874

On the base of a large lacertian cranium from the Potton Sands, presumably dinosaurian - 1874

On the femur of Cryptosaurus eumerus, Seeley, a dinosaur from the Oxford Clay of Great Gransden - 1875

On the maxillary bone of a new dinosaur (Priodontognathus phillipsii), contained in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge - 1875

On Stagonolepis robertsoni and on the evolution of the Crocodilia - 1875

On fossil evidences of an Eocene Sirenian mammals - 1875

On the succession of the ancient rocks in the vicinity of St. David's, Pembrokeshire, with special reference to those of the Arenig and Llandeilo Groups, and their fossil contents - 1875

On Macrurosaurus semnus (Seeley), a long tailed animal with procoelous vertebrae from the Cambridge Upper Greensand, preserved in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge - 1876

On the posterior portion of a lower jaw of Labyrinthodon (L. Lavisi), from the Trias of Sidmouth - 1876

On an adherent form of Productus and a small Spiriferina from the Lower Carboniferous Limestone Group of the east of Scotland - 1876

On the Triassic strata which are exposed in the cliff-sections near Sidmouth, and a note on the occurrence of an ossiferous zone containing bones of a Labyrinthodon - 1876

On a new modification of dinosaurian vertebrae - 1876

On the fossil Vertebrata hitherto discovered in Spain - 1877

On New Species of Procolophon from the Cape Colony preserved in Dr. Grierson's Museum, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire; with some Remarks on the Affinities of the Genus - 1878

On our present knowledge of the invertebrate fauna of the lower Carboniferous or Calciferous Sandstone series of the Edinburgh neighboruhood, especially of that division known as the Wardie shales; and on the first appearance of certain species in these beds - 1878

Further remarks on adherent Carboniferous Productidae - 1878

On the Dinosauria of the Cambridge Greensand - 1879

Note on <i>Poikilopleuron bucklandi</i> of Eudes Deslongchamps (père), identifying it with <i>Megalosaurus bucklandi</i> - 1879

Note (3rd) on (<i>Eucamerotus</i>, Hulke) <i>Ornithopsis</i>, H. G. Seeley, = <i>Bothriospondylus magnus</i> Owen, = <i>Chondrosteosaurus magnus</i>, Owen - 1879

<i>Vectisaurus valdensis</i>, a new Wealden dinosaur - 1879

On the Silurian district of Rhymney and Pen-y-lan, Cardiff - 1879

On some three-toed footprints from the Triassic conglomerate of south Wales - 1879

Iguanodon prestwichii, a new species from the Kimmeridge Clay, distinguished from I. mantelli of the Wealden Formation in the S.E. of England and Isle of Wight by differences in the shape of the vertebral centra, by fewer than five sacral vertebrae, by the simpler character of its tooth-serrature, etc., founded on numerous fossil remains lately discovered at Cumnor, near Oxford - 1880

Note on the occurrence of a new species of Iguanodon in a brick-pit of the Kimmeridge Clay at Cumnor Hurst, three miles W.S.W. of Oxford - 1880

The reptile fauna of the Gosau Formation preserved in the Geological Museum of the University of Vienna - 1881

Note on the caudal vertebra of a cetacean discovered by Prof. Jud in the Brockenhurst beds, indicative of a new type allied to Balaenoptera (Balaenoptera juddi) - 1881

On remains of a small lizard from Neocomian rocks of Comen, near Trieste, preserved in the Geological Museum of the University of Vienna - 1881

On a new species of Plesiosaurus (P. Conybeari) from the Lower Lias of Charmouth; with observations on P megacephalus, Stutchbury, and P. brachycephalus, Owen - 1881

Note on the Gosau Beds of the Neue Welt, west of Weiner Neustadt - 1881

Notes on the fish-remains of the bone-bed at Aust, near Bristol; with the description of some new genera and species - 1881

On <i>Thecospondylus horneri</i>, a new dinosaur from the Hastings Sand, indicated by the sacrum and the neural canal of the sacral region - 1882

On a remarkable dinosaurian coracoid from the Wealden of Brook in the Isle of Wight, preserved in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge, probably referable to <i>Ornithopsis</i> - 1882

Description of some Iguanodon-remains indicating a new species, I. seelyi - 1882

On the relations of Hybocrinus, Baerocrinus, and Hybocystites - 1882

On the skull of Megalosaurus - 1883

On the dorsal region of the vertebral column of a new dinosaur (indicating a new genus, Sphenospondylus), from the Wealden of brook in the Isle of Wight, preserved in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge - 1883

On the dinosaurs from the Maastricht beds - 1883

Observations on the geology of the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway - 1884

Notes upon some some Carboniferous species of Murchisonia in our public museums - 1887

On some newfeatures in Pelanechinus corallinus - 1887

Further observations upon Hyperodapedon gordoni - 1887

The Cetacea of the Suffolk Crag - 1887

On Aristosuchus pusillus (Owen), being further notes on the fossils described by Sir R. Owen as Poikilopleuron pusillus, Owen - 1887

On a sacrum, apparently indicating a new type of bird, Ornithodesmus cluniculus, Seeley, from the Wealden of Brook - 1887

On certain dinosaurian vertebrae from the Cretaceous of India and the Isle of Wight - 1887

The Stockdale Shales - 1888

The Upper Eocene, comprising the Barton and Upper Bagshot Formations - 1888

Note on a new Wealden iguanodont and other dinosaurs - 1888

On Thecospondylus daviesi (Seeley), with some remarks on the Classification of the Dinosauria - 1888

On some vertebrate remains in the Triassic strata of the south coast of Devonshire between Budleigh Salterton and Sidmouth - 1888

Descriptions of new species of Carboniferous gastropods - 1889

Note on the pelvis of <i>Ornithopsis</i> - 1889

On the remains and affinities of five genera of Mesozoic reptiles - 1889

On remains of Eocene and Mesozoic Chelonia and a tooth of (?) Ornithopsis - 1889

On a crocodilian jaw from the Oxford Clay of Peterborough - 1890

Contributions to our knowledge of the dinosaurs of the Wealden and the sauropterygians of the Purbeck and Oxford Clay - 1890

On remains of small sauropodous dinosaurs from the Wealden - 1890

On a peculiar horn-like dinosaurian bone from the Wealden - 1890

On ornithosaurian remains from the Oxford Clay of Huntingdonshire - 1890

On Agrosaurus macgillivrayi (Seeley), a saurischian reptile from the N.E. coast of Australia - 1891

On certain ornithosaurian and dinosaurian remains - 1891

On Saurodesmus robertsoni (Seeley), a crocodilian reptile from the Rhaetic of Linesfield, in Elgin - 1891

Notes on some new and little known species of Carboniferous Murchisonia - 1892

Note on two dinosaurian foot-bones from the Wealden - 1892

On the os pubis of <i>Polacanthus foxii</i> - 1892

On a New Reptile from Welte Vreden (Beaufort West), Eunotosaurus africanus (Seeley) - 1892

The Mesosauria of South Africa - 1892

Contribution to a knowledge of the Saurischia of Europe and Africa - 1892

On the jaw of a new carnivorous dinosaur from the Oxford Clay of Peterborough - 1893

On a sauropodous dinosaurian vertebra from the Wealden of Hastings - 1893

On two dinosaurian teeth from Aylesbury - 1893

The genus Murchisonia and its allies - 1895

On bones of a sauropodous dinosaur from Madagascar - 1895

On a collection of fossils from Madagascar obtained by the Rev. R. Baron - 1895

Descriptions of the fossils: On the Morte Slates, and associated beds, in north Devon and west Somerset.--Part II - 1897

The fauna of the Keisley Limestone. Part II. Conclusion - 1897

Observations on the genus Aclisina, de Koninck, with descriptions of British species and of some other Carboniferous Gasteropoda - 1898

Petalocrinus (Weller and Davidson) - 1898

Remarks on the genera Ectomaria, Koken, and Hormotoma, Salter, with descriptions of British species - 1899

Fossils in the Oxford University Museum. II. On two new genera and species of Crinoidea (Brahmacrinus ponderosus and Cicerocrinus elegans) - 1900

On some of the Proterozoic Gasteropoda which have been referred to Murchisonia and Pleurotomaria, with descriptions of new subgenera and species - 1902

Observations on some of the Loxonematidae, with descriptions of two species - 1905

On some Gastropoda from the Silurian rocks of Llangadock (Caemarthenshire) - 1905

The Rhaetic and contiguous deposits of Glamorganshire - 1905

Notes on the genera Omospira, Lophospira and Turritoma, with descriptions of new Proterozoic species - 1906

Note on the cervical vertebra of a Zeuglodon from the Barton Clay of Barton Cliff (Hampshire) - 1907

On a marine fauna in the basement-beds of the Bristol Coalfield - 1907

On the Cretaceous formation of Bahia (Brazil), and on vertebrate fossils collected therein - 1907

The flora of the Inferior Oolite of Brora (Sutherland) - 1907

On a new dinosaurian reptile (Scleromochlus taylori, gen. et sp. nov.) from the Trias of Lossiemouth, Elgin - 1907

On the genus Loxonema, with descriptions of new Proterozoic species - 1909

On some reptilian remains from the Trias of Lossiemouth (Elgin) - 1909

On a skull of Megalosaurus from the Great Oolite of Minchinhampton (Gloucestershire) - 1910

The Carboniferous succession in Gower (Glamoranshire) with notes on its fauna and conditions of deposition - 1912

Some new lower Carboniferous Gastropoda - 1912

The lower Paleozoic rocks of the Cautley District - 1913

Supplementary notes on Aclisina de Koninck and Aclisoides Donald, with descriptions of new species - 1917

The Cambrian horizons of Comley (Shropshire) and their Brachiopoda, Pteropoda, Gasteropoda and etc. - 1921

Descriptions of Gasteropoda, chiefly in Mrs. Robert Gray's collection, from the Ordovician and Lower Silurian of Girvan - 1924

A revision of the British Carboniferous Murchisoniidae - 1926

On Old Red Sandstone plants showing structure from Brecon (South Wales) - 1927

[A reptilian vertebra from the Trichinopoly Cretaceous deposits] - 1927

The fossil and its environment - 1928

Drifted plant-beds of the Upper Estuarine Series of Yorkshire - 1929

The Petalocrinus limestone horizon at Woolhope (Herefordshire) - 1930

On a collection of Karroo vertebrates from Tanganyika Territory - 1932

The geology of the Ruhuhu Coalfields, Tanganyika Territory - 1932

Lamellibranchia from the Karroo Beds of the Ruhuhu Coalfields, Tanganyika Territory - 1932

A revision of the British Carboniferous Loxonematidae, with descriptions of new forms - 1933

The Pleistocene Fauna and Flora of Kharga Oasis,Egypt - 1935

Karroo Lamellibranchia from Tanganyika Territory and Madagascar - 1936

Some British trilobites of the family Calymenidae - 1936

The fauna of the Baton River Beds (Devonian), New Zealand - 1938

Further notes on Lower Devonian plants from South Wales - 1939

Note on the Cretaceous Asteroidea - 1940

The paleoecol of the Top Hosie Shale (lower Carb) at a locality near Kilsyth - 1954

The geology of the May Hill Inlier - 1955

The sedimentology and palaeoecology of the Devonian of the Ferques inlier, northern France - 1969

The first Lower Palaeozoic fauna proved from South Africa - 1970