Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science

Notice of fossil footsteps in the New Red Sandstone quarry at Lymm, in Cheshire - 1843

On a dinosaurian reptile (Scelidosaurus harrisoni) from the Lower Lias of Charmouth - 1862

On the pterodactyle as evidence of a new subclass of Vertebrata (Saurornia) - 1865

On the age of the Durdham Down deposit, yielding Thecodontosaurus etc. - 1876

Address - 1885

On the classification and affinities of dinosaurian reptiles - 1885

The classification of the Dinosauria - 1888

On Cumnoria, an iguanodont genus founded upon the Iguanodon prestwichi, Hulke - 1888

On some vertebrate remains not hitherto recorded from the Rhetic Beds of Britain - 1894

Cetiosaurus remains.—Report of the Committee, consisting of Professor A. H. Green (Chairman), Mr. James Parker (Secretary), the Earl of Ducie, Professor E. Ray Lankester, and Professor H. G. Seeley, appointed to examine the ground from which the remains of the Cetiosaurus in the Oxford Museum were obtained, with a view to determining whether other parts of the same animal remain in the rock - 1895

Restorations of some European dinosaurs, with suggestions as to their place among the Reptilia - 1895

Report on footprints from the Trias—Part I - 1904

On some dinosaurian bones from South Brazil - 1904

Notes on the Triassic fossils (excluding Rhaetic) in the Museum of the Geological Survey at Jermyn Street, London - 1905

List of British Triassic fossils in the Warwick Museum - 1909

Note on casts of dinosaurian footprints in the Lower Oolite at Whitby - 1909

Bibliographical notes on the flora and fauna of the Trias, 1826–76 - 1909

On remains of a megalosaurian dinosaur from New South Wales - 1910

On a tooth of a Triassic dinosaur from San Paulo, Brazil - 1910

A collection of reptilian bones from the Oölite near Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos. - 1937