Annals and Magazine of Natural History

Notice of a lily encrinite, lately found in Mountain Limestone, brought from the neighbourhood of Cork, Ireland - 1833

Prodromus of a monograph of the Radiata and Echinodermata - 1838

On the two species of Echidna - 1838

A synopsis of the genera and species of the class Hypostoma Asterias (Linn.) - 1840

On Sphaeronites and some other genera from which Crinoidea originate - 1841

XVIII. - Proposed arrangement of the Echinodermata, particularly as regards the Crinoidea, and a subdivision of the Class Adelostella (Echinidae) - 1842

XXXIII. - Description of several new genera and species of Crinoidea - 1843

On the locomotive and non-locomotive powers of the Family Crinoidea - 1843

Record of the discovery of an Alligator with several new Mammalia in the Freshwater Strata at Hordwell - 1844

On the African Musk, Moschus aquaticus, Ogilby - 1845

On the British Cetacea - 1846

Remarks on certain genera belonging to the class Palliobranchiata - 1846

XXI. On the fossil botany and zoology of the rocks associated with the coal of Australia - 1847

On some new Mesozoic Radiata. - 1848

On the Recent British species of the genus Lagena - 1848

On some new Paleozoic Echinodermata - 1849

On the classification of some British fossil Crustacea with notices of new forms in the university collection at Cambridge - 1849

On some new genera and species of Silurian Radiata in the collection of the University of Cambridge - 1850

On the Pelorosaurus; an undescribed gigantic terrestrial reptile, whose remains are associated with those of the Iguanodon and other Saurians, in the strata of Tilgate Forest - 1850

On the position of the impressions of footsteps in the Bunter Sandstone of Dumfries-shire - 1850

Notice of a tridactylous footmark from the Bunter Sandstone of Weston Point, Cheshire - 1850

Note to Mr. Harkness's paper on "The position of the impressions of footsteps in the Bunter Sandstone of Dumfries-shire" - 1850

Observations on the connexion between the Crinoideae and Echinodermata generally - 1851

On some new Silurian Mollusca - 1851

On some new Palaeozoic star-fishes. - 1857

Note on the synonymy of the fossil genus Echinodon of Professor Owen - 1861

Notes on Cambridge palaeontology 2. On some new gastropods from the Upper Greensand - 1861

On new Mammalia from the Red Crag - 1864

On two new plesiosaurs, from the Lias - 1865

On Plesiosaurus macropterus, a new species from the Lias of Whitby - 1865

Chart of Fossil Crustacea. By J.W. Salter and H. Woodward. With Descriptive Catalogue - 1865

An epitome of the evidence that pterodactyles are not reptiles, but a new subclass of vertebrate animals allies to birds (Saurornia) - 1866

Preliminary account of a new cetacean captured on the shore at Buenos Ayres - 1866

On the discovery of the remains of a gigantic dinosaur in the Cretaceous beds of New Jersey - 1867

On the occurrence of Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus in Australia - 1867

On the occurrence of an internal convoluted plate within the body of certain species of Crinoidea - 1867

Notes on the remains of some reptiles and fishes from the shales of the Northumberland coal-field - 1868

On the discovery of a new and gigantic fossil species of Echidna in Australia - 1868

On a new labyrinthodont from the Northumberland coal field, and on the occurrence in the same locality of Anthracosaurus russelli - 1869

No title - 1869

On the Reptilia of the Triassic formations of the Atlantic region of the United States - 1870

Description of a labyrinthodont amphibian, a new generic form, obtained in the coal-shale at Newsham, near Newcastle upon Tyne - 1870

On Ornithopsis, a gigantic animal of the pterodactyle kind from the Wealden - 1870

Paleozic fossils - 1870

On Saurocetes argentinus a new type of Zeuglodontidae - 1871

On Acanthopholis platypus (Seeley), a pachypod from the Cambridge Upper Greensand - 1871

Additional evidence on the structure of the head in ornithosaurs from the Cambridge Upper Greensand; being a supplement to "The Ornithosauria" - 1871

On a new species of Plesiosaurus from the Portland limestone - 1871

On the base (pelvis) of the Crinoidea brachiata - 1871

Paleozic fossils - 1871

Description of the skull of a new species of dolphin (Feresa attenuata) - 1874

Observations on the genus Platycrinus - 1875

On the occurrence in North America of rare extinct vertebrates found fragmentarily in England - 1878

Notes on the internal and external structures of Paleozoic crinoids - 1878

On the new Palaeozoic plant-group Dolerophylleae - 1879

XIV. — On new British Graptolites - 1880

Contributions to the study of the British Paleozoic crinoids. - No. 1. On Allagecrinus, the representative of the Carboniferous limestone series - 1881

On the supposed absence of basals in the Eugeniacrinidae and in certain other neocrinoids - 1883

Description of a new species of crinoids with articulating spines - 1885

Note on the structure of Crotalocrinus - 1885

A review of: Revision of the Palaeocrinoidea.--Part III. Discussion of the classification and relations of the brachiate crinoids, and conclusion of the generic descriptions - 1886

A review of: Revision of the Palaeocrinoidea.--Part III. Discussion of the classification and relations of the brachiate crinoids, and conclusion of the generic descriptions - 1886

Hystricrinus, Hinde, versus Arthoacantha, Williams: a question of nomenclature - 1886

Note on the occurrence of a species of Bothriceps in the Karroo system of South Africa - 1889

Preliminary notice of new fossil Chelonia - 1889

Evidence of a fossil tunny from the Coralline Crag - 1890

On certain points in the anatomical nomenclature of echinoderms - 1890

Evidence of a fossil tunny from the Coralline Crag - 1890

British fossil crinoids. I. Historical introduction - 1890

British fossil crinoids. II. The classification of the Inadunata - 1890

British fossil crinoids. II. The classification of the Inadunata Fistulata (cont'd) - 1890

British fossil crinoids. III. Thenarocrinus callipygus, gen. et sp. nov., Wenlock Limestone - 1890

British fossil crinoids. II. The classification of the Inadunata Fistulata (cont'd) - 1890

On a stegosaurian dinosaur from the Trias of Lombardy - 1891

"Eupodosaurus longobardicus" - 1891

Some publications on American Carboniferous echinoderms - 1891

British fossil crinoids. IV. Thenarocrinus gracilis, sp. nov., Wenlock Limestone, and note on T. callipygus - 1891

British fossil crinoids. V. Botryocrinus, Wenlock Limestone - 1891

Some alleged cases of misrepresentation - 1891

Natural history notes from H.M. Indian Marine Survey Steamer Investigator. Echinodermata - 1891

Suggested terms in crinoid morphology - 1892

British fossil crinoids. VI. Botryocrinus quinquelobus, sp. nov., Wenlock Limestone; and note on Botryocrinus pinnulatus - 1892

British fossil crinoids. VII. Mastigocrinus loreus, nov. gen. et sp., Wenlock Limestone, Dudley - 1892

British fossil crinoids. VIII. Cyathocrinus: C. acinotubus, Ang., and C. vallatus, sp. nov., Wenlock Limestone - 1892

Natural history notes from H.M. Indian Marine Survey Steamer Investigator. 7. An account of the collection of deep sea Asteroidea - 1893

On a reptilian tooth with two roots - 1893

Supplemental note on a double-rooted tooth from the Purbeck Beds in the British Museum - 1893

Description of a new Baboon from East Africa - 1893

On Hortalotarsus skirtopodus, a new saurischian fossil from Barkly East, Cape Colony - 1894

On Euskelesaurus brownii (Huxley) - 1894

On the type of the genus Massospondylus, and on some vertebrae and limb bones of M. (?) browni - 1895

On the development of the shoulder-girdle of a plesiosaur (Cryptoclidus oxoniensis, Phillips, sp.) from the Oxford Clay - 1895

On Thecodontosaurus and Palaeosaurus - 1895

A contribution to the osteology of the Mesozoic amioid fishes Caturus and Osteorachis - 1897

On the species of the genus Viverricula - 1898

On the skull of Mochlorhinus platyceps from Bethulie. Orange Free State, preserved in the Albany Museum, Grahamstown. - 1898

Note on some Cretaceous clupeoid fishes with pectinated scales (Ctenothrissa and Pseudoberyx) - 1899

The lower Paleozoic crinoids of Bohemia - 1900

On some fossils of Wenlock age from Mulde, near Klinteberg, Gotland - 1901

On two skulls of the ornithosaurian Rhamphorhynchus - 1902

On a tooth of Ceratodus and a dinosaurian claw from the Lower Jurassic of Victoria, Australia - 1906

On phytosaurian remains from the Magnesian Conglomerate of Bristol (Rileya platyodon) - 1908

Note on a megalosaurian tibia from the Lower Lias of Wilmcote, Warwickshire - 1908

On some new Plesiosauria from the Oxford Clay of Peterborough - 1909

On some new steneosaurs from the Oxford Clay of Peterborough - 1909

Some common crinoid names and the fixation of nomenclature - 1909

On Two new Carnivora from North-east Africa - 1910

New genera of starfishes - 1910

On the skull and part of the skeleton of a crocodile from the Middle Purbeck of Swanage, with a description of a new species (Pholidosaurus laevis) and a note on the skull of Hylaeochampsa - 1913

British fossil crinoids. IX. Cydonocrinus parvulus, n.g. et sp., Yoredale Beds, Yorkshire - 1913

Correction of generic name - 1913

Thaumastotherium osbosni, a new genus of perissodactyl from the Upper Oligocene deposits of the Bugti Hills of Baluchistan. Preliminary notice - 1913

British fossil crinoids. X. Sycocrinus Austin, Lower Carboniferous - 1914

The Devonian crinoid Cupressocrinus townsendi Konig, sp. - 1914

On the ornithosaurian genus Ornithocheirus, with a review of the specimens of the Cambridge Greensand in the Sedgwick Museum - 1914

Dicynodon halli, sp. n., an Anomodont reptile from South Africa - 1914

On the South-American Muridae commonly referred to Akodon - 1916

New genera and species of Brisingidae - 1917

A new dinosaur from the Stormberg Beds of South Africa - 1918

British Oligocene Ants - 1920

On Mammals from the Lower Amazons in the Goeldi Museum, Para - 1920

On some remains of a theropodous dinosaur from the Lower Lias of Barrow-on-Soar - 1921

XIII. On a new chelonian from the Kimmeridge Clay of Swindon - 1921

Fossil Arthropods in the British Museum, V. Oligocene Hymenoptera from the Isle of Wight - 1921

On a new Brachyurous Crustacean from the Upper Cretaceous of Jamaica - 1922

Note on the skeleton of a large plesiosaur (Rhomaleosaurus thorntoni, sp. n) from the Upper Lias of Northamptonshire - 1922

Fossil arthropods in the British Museum - VIII. Homoptera from Gurnet Bay, Isle of Wight - 1922

A preliminary synopsis of the Asteriidae, a family of sea-stars - 1923

Some Cretaceous and Tertiary Decapod Crustaceans from Jamaica - 1924

Decapod crustaceans from the Oligocene of Anguilla - 1924

On several known and unknown reptiles of the order Saurischia from England and France - 1926

On Fusulina and other organisms in a partially calcareous quartzite from near the Malayan-Siamese Frontier - 1926

On the occurrence of the genus Epiceratodus in the upper Cretaceous of new South Wales - 1926

New Cretaceous Crabs from England and Syria - 1928

XV. — The genotypes of the genera of graptolites - 1929

VII.—The classification of the British Carboniferous Brachiopod subfamily Productinae - 1930

On Troödon, a reply to Dr. C. W. Gilmore - 1931

Relationship and habitat of Troödon and the nodosaurs - 1933

Jurassic plants from New Zealand - 1934

Lower Cambrian faunas from Hérault, France - 1935

New Caradocian brachiopods from the Berwyn Hills, North Wales - 1938

A note on the synonymy of three species of fossil crocodile of de Blainville - 1938

A new Triassic rhynchocephalian from Gloucestershire - 1939

The Upper Valentian gastropod fauna of Shropshire - 1939

XXIV. Notes on some new Ordovician Brachiopods from Girvan - 1944

New discoveries of Titanosaurus indicus Lyd. - 1947

A new species of Lyriocrinus from the Wenlock Limestone - 1950

Note on the provenance of the type of Lophidiaster ornatus Spencer Asterozoa - 1951

Two species of Gissocrinus from the Wenlock Limestone - 1951

The type-species of Periechocrinites Austin and Austin - 1951

A Pliocene grebe from Florida - 1953

On Aenigmasaurus grallator, gen. et sp. nov., a problematic reptile from the L. Trias - 1953

Periechocrinus versus Periechocrinites - 1954

Lystrosaurus primitivus, sp. nov. and the origin of the genus Lystrosaurus. - 1954

A neorhachitomw amphibian from Madagascar - 1956

On the color of an ichthyosaur - 1956

The Cretaceous (Albian) Ammonite Platiknemiceras Bataller - 1961

The occurrence of a cixiine fulgoroid (Homoptera) in the Weald Clay - 1961

Observations on the beetle family Cupedidae, with descriptions of two new fossil forms and a key to the recent genera - 1962

Actinoscytinidae (Hemiptera-Heteroptera) from the Upper Triassic of Queensland - 1963

A new family of cucujoid beetles, based on six Australian and one New Zealand genera - 1966