Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History

Description of a new species of crinoid from the Burlington Limestone, at Burlington, Iowa - 1881

On the fauna of the Lower Carboniferous limestones of Spergen Hill, Indiana, with a revision of the descriptions of its Fossils hitherto published, and illustrations of the species from the original type series - 1882

Notice of geological investigations along the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, conducted by Prof. H.J. Seely and Pres. Ezra Brainerd, of Middlebury College, with descriptions of the new fossils discovered - 1886

The West Indian Seal (Monachus tropicalis Gray) - 1887

Note on squalodont remains from Charleston, S. C. - 1887

Observations on some imperfectly known fossils from the Calciferous sandrock of Lake Champlain, and descriptions of several new forms - 1889

Observations on the fauna of the rocks at Fort Cassin, Vermont, with descriptions of a few new species - 1890

The Calciferous Formation in the Champlain valley - 1890

Ancestors of the tapir from the lower Miocene of Dakota - 1893

Fossil mammals of the Upper Cretaceous beds - 1893

Artionyx, a new genus of Ancylopoda - 1893

No title - 1893

No title - 1894

Fossil mammals of the Lower Miocene White River beds. Collection of 1892 - 1894

On the names of mammals given by Kerr in his 'Animal kingdom,' published in 1792 - 1895

No title - 1895

Fossil mammals of the Uinta Basin. Expedition of 1894 - 1895

Species Of Hyracotherium And Allied Perissodactyls From the Wahsatch and Wind River Beds of North America - 1896

Descriptions of new species of Silurian fosslis from near Fort Cassin and elsewhere on Lake Champlain - 1897

The extinct Camelidae of North America and some associated forms - 1898

The ancestry of certain members of the Canidae, the Viverridae, and Procyonidae - 1899

Fore and hind limbs of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs from the Jurassic of Wyoming. Dinosaur contributions, no. 3 - 1899

A New Species of Pleistocene Horse From the Staked Plains of Texas - 1900

Description of a new crinoid from Indiana - 1900

Catalogue of the types and figured specimens in the paleontological collection of the geological department, American Museum of Natural History - 1901

The generic names of the Mephitinae - 1901

Tooth Characters and Revision of the North American Species of the Genus Equus - 1901

Fore and hind limbs of Sauropoda from the Bone Cabin Quarry - 1901

No title - 1902

The skull of Hypisodus, the smallest of the Artiodactyla - 1902

The generic and specific names of some of the Otariidae - 1902

The hair seals (Family Phocidae) of the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea - 1902

The four phyla of Oligocene titanotheres - 1902

A skull of <i>Dinocyon</i> from the Miocene of Texas - 1902

On the skull of Bunaelurus, a musteline from the White River Oligocene - 1902

New canidae from the Miocene of Colorado - 1902

The fauna of the Titanotherium Beds at Pipestone Springs, Montana - 1903

No title - 1903

No title - 1903

A new three-toed horse - 1903

Glyptotherium texanum, a new glyptodont, from the lower Pleistocene of Texas - 1903

Ornitholestes hermanni, a new compsognathoid dinosaur from the Upper Jurassic - 1903

On two species of Platygonus from the Pliocene of Texas - 1903

The skull of Creosaurus - 1903

Notice of a remarkable case of reproduction of lost parts shown on a fossil crinoid - 1904

Notice of two new Oligocene camels - 1904

New or little known mammals from the Miocene of South Dakota : American Museum expedition of 1903 - 1904

A complete skeleton of Merycodus - 1904

New Oligocene horses - 1904

Proper generic names of Miocene horses - 1904

Manus, sacrum, and caudals of Sauropoda - 1904

Teleorhinus browni—a teleosaur in the Fort Benton - 1904

New Miocene rhinoceroses, with revision of known species - 1904

Tyrannosaurus and other Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaurs - 1905

A revision of the species of the family of fossil turtles called Toxochelyidae, with descriptions of two new species of Toxochelys and a new species of Porthochelys - 1905

Notice of two new genera of mammals from the Oligocene of South Dakota - 1905

Notice of a new crinoid and a new mollusk from the Portage rocks of New York - 1905

A new genus of horse from the Mascall beds ; with notes on a small collection of equine teeth in the University of California - 1906

Fossil Parasitic and Phytophagous Hymenoptera from Florissant, Colorado - 1906

New or little known mammals from the Miocene of South Dakota. American Museum expedition of 1903. Part IV. Equidae - 1906

A fossil Cicada from Florissant, Colorado - 1906

Tyrannosaurus, Upper Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaur. (Second communication.) - 1906

Descriptions of two new genera (Echmatemys and Xenochelys) and two new species (Xenochelys formosa and Terrapene putnami) of fossil turtles - 1906

Fossil Saw-flies from Florissant Colorado - 1906

New notes on the osteology of Triceratops - 1906

Description of the Skull of Bolosaurus striatus Cope - 1907

Supplemental descriptions of two new genera of Aeschninae - 1907

Descriptions of seven new species of turtles from the Tertiary of the United States - 1907

Fossil Dragonflies from Florissant Colorado - 1907

A Lower Miocene fauna from South Dakota - 1907

Some fossil arthropods from Florissant, Colorado - 1907

New merycoidodonts from the Miocene of Montana - 1907

The Hell Creek Beds of the Upper Cretaceous of Montana: their relation to contiguous deposits, with faunal and floral lists and a discussion of their correlation - 1907

Revision of the Miocene and Pliocene Equidae of North America - 1907

A revision of the American Eocene horses - 1908

New or little known titanotheres from the Eocene and Oligocene - 1908

Fossil Insects from Florissant, Colorado - 1908

A fossil larrid wasp - 1908

A fossil mellinid wasp - 1908

New fossil mammals from the Fayûm Oligocene, Egypt - 1908

Taxonomic descriptions; Fossil Insects from Florissant, Colorado - 1908

Supplementary note, in A fossil larrid wasp - 1908

Notes and observations on Carboniferous fossils and semifossil shells brought home by members of the Peary expedition of 1905-1906 - 1908

The Ankylosauridae, a new family of armored dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous - 1908

Osteology of Blastomeryx and phylogeny of the American Cervidae - 1908

A four-horned pelycosaurian from the Permian of Texas - 1908

Two Fossil Phoridae from the Miocene Shales of Florissant, Colorado - 1908

Observations upon the genus Ancodon - 1909

Fossil Insects from Florissant, Colorado - 1909

New carnivorous mammals from the Fayûm Oligocene, Egypt - 1909

Fossil Diptera from Florissant, Colorado - 1909

Mammals from British East Africa, collected by the Tjader expedition of 1906 - 1909

A catalogue of the generic names based on American insects and arachnids from the Tertiary rocks, with indications of the type species - 1909

A Pliocene fauna from western Nebraska - 1909

The Skeleton of Poecilospondylus francisi, a New Genus and Species of Pelycosauria - 1910

Tertiary faunal horizons in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming, with descriptions of new Eocene mammals - 1910

The orders of mammals - 1910

Description of a skull and some vertebrae of the fossil cetacean Diochtichus vanbenedeni from Santa Cruz, Patagonia - 1910

Fossil insects and a crustacean from Florissant, Colorado - 1910

Three new genera of myrmicine ants from tropical America - 1910

On the skull of Apternodus and the skeleton of a new artiodactyl - 1910

On the osteology and relationships of Paramys, and the affinities of the Ischyromyidae - 1910

The phylogeny of the Felidae - 1910

The Cretaceous Ojo Alamo beds of New Mexico with description of the new dinosaur genus <i>Kritosaurus</i> - 1910

On the genus Presbytis Esch., and "le tarsier" Buffon; with descriptions of two new species of Tarsius - 1910

Fossil Coleoptera from Florissant, with descriptions of several new species - 1911

Historical and nomenclatorial notes on North American sheep - 1912

On some fossil rhynchophorous Coleoptera from Florissant, Colorado - 1912

<i>Brachyostracon</i>, a new genus of glyptodonts from Mexico - 1912

A crested dinosaur from the Edmonton Cretaceous - 1912

The osteology of the manus in the family Trachodontidae - 1912

A new phytosaur from the Palisades near New York - 1913

Eomoropus, an American Eocene chalicothere - 1913

New mammals from Colombia and Ecuador - 1913

On the Structure and Affinities of Bolosaurus - 1913

On some new genera and species of dicynodont reptiles, with notes on a few others - 1913

A new trachodont dinosaur, Hypacrosaurus, from the Edmonton Cretaceous of Alberta - 1913

The skeleton of Saurolophus, a crested duck-billed dinosaur from the Edmonton Cretaceous - 1913

A new plesiosaur, Leurospondylus, from the Edmonton Cretaceous of Alberta - 1913

On the names of Lower Eocene faunal horizons of Wyoming and New Mexico - 1914

A revision of the bunodont artiodactyla of the Middle and Lower Eocene of North America - 1914

A complete skull of Monoclonius, from the Belly River Cretaceous of Alberta - 1914

Leptoceratops, a new genus of Ceratopsia from the Edmonton Cretaceous of Alberta - 1914

Anchiceratops, a new genus of horned dinosaurs from the Edmonton Cretaceous of Alberta. With discussion of the origin of the ceratopsian crest and the brain casts of Anchiceratops and Trachodon - 1914

The fossil and recent Bombyliidae compared - 1914

Catalogue of types and figured specimens of fossil vertebrates in the American Museum of Natural History. II.–Permian, Triassic and Jurassic reptiles of South Africa - 1915

A Revision of the Lower Eocene Wasatch and Wind River Faunas. Part III - Order Condylarthra. Families Phenacodontidae and Meniscotheriidae - 1915

Revision of Paleozoic Stelleroidea with special reference to North American Asteroidea - 1915

On reptiles of the New Mexican Trias in the Cope Collection - 1915

A revision of the Lower Eocene Wasatch and Wind River faunas - 1915

No title - 1915

No title - 1915

New South American mammals - 1916

A marsupial from the Belly River Cretaceous: with critical observations upon the affinities of the Cretaceous mammals - 1916

Corythosaurus casuarius: skeleton, musculature and epidermis - 1916

No title - 1916

A new crested trachodont dinosaur, Prosaurolophus maximus - 1916

Skeletal adaptations of Ornitholestes, Struthiomimus, Tyrannosaurus - 1916

The skeleton of Diatryma, a gigantic bird from the Lower Eocene of Wyoming - 1917

The dentition of Nothodectes - 1917

A complete skeleton of the horned dinosaur Monoclonius, and description of a second skeleton showing skin impressions - 1917

Criteria for the determination of species in the Sauropoda, with description of a new species of Apatosaurus - 1917

No title - 1917

No title - 1917

A revision of the Lower Eocene Wasatch and Wind River faunas. Part V. Insectivora (Continued), Glires, Edentata - 1918

Contributions to the Snake Creek Fauna with notes upon the Pleistocene of western Nebraska, American Museum Expedition of 1916 - 1918

New species of claenodonts from the Fort Union (basal Eocene) of Montana - 1919

New titanotheres of the Huerfano - 1919

Brachygnathosuchus braziliensis, a new fossil crocodilian from Brazil - 1921

Allognathosuchus, a new genus of Eocene crocodilians - 1921

Skull characters and affinities of the extinct Florida gavial Gavialosuchus americana (Sellards) - 1921

Individual and age variations in the skulls of Recent Crocodilia - 1921

Description of a skull of the extinct Madagascar crocodile, Crocodilus robustus Vaillant and Grandidier - 1921

Reptilian and stegocephalian remains from the Triassic of Pennsylvania in the Cope collection - 1921

Description of a skull of a Bridger crocodilian - 1921

The skull of Crocodilus acer Cope - 1921

The family Deinodontidae, with notice of a new genus from the Cretaceous of Alberta - 1922

No title - 1923

Further evidence on the structure of the Eosuchia - 1924

Fossils in the Ondai Sair Formation Mongolia - 1924

Miocene oreodonts in the American Museum - 1924

Third contribution to the Snake Creek Fauna - 1924

Primates collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition - 1925

The Hemicyoninae and an American Tertiary bear - 1926

Contribution to the knowledge of the fossil Hyracoidea of the Fayum, Egypt, with description of several new species - 1926

Pelmatozoan root-forms (fixation) - 1929

A revision of the Tertiary Multituberculata - 1929

Pleistocene mammalian fauna of the Seminole Field, Pinellas County, Florida - 1929

The Pennsylvanian Tetrapods of Linton, Ohio - 1930

Tertiary Land Mammals of Florida - 1930

Fossil turtles of Mongolia - 1931

No title - 1931

Fossil Sirenia of Florida and the evolution of the Sirenia - 1932

A new fossil snake from the Notostylops beds of Patagonia - 1933

On the dinosaurian fauna of the Iren Dabasu Formation - 1933

Revision of the Hyrachyidae - 1934

Fossil mammals from Burma in the American Museum of Natural History - 1938

A New Titanothere Genus From the Upper Eocene of Mongolia and North America - 1938

Crossochelys, Eocene horned turtle from Patagonia - 1938

Merycochoerinae, a new subfamily of oreodonts - 1940

Studies on the earliest primates - 1940

Ticholeptinae, a new subfamily of oreodonts - 1941

A study of Orycteropus gudryi from the Island of Samos - 1941

The fauna of Papago Springs Cave, Arizona, and a study of Stockeros; with three new antilocaprines from Nebraska and Arizona - 1942

A revision of the Mongolian titanotheres - 1943

Palaeontology of Harrar Province, Ethiopia. Part 3: Jurassic Anthozoa and Hydrozoa - 1943

A study of the troödont dinosaurs with the description of a new genus and four new species - 1943

Fossil lizards of Mongolia - 1943

A new fossil whale from the Miocene of Peru - 1944

Hypsognathus, a Triassic Reptile from New Jersey - 1946

Sebecus, representative of a peculiar suborder of fossil Crocodilia from Patagonia - 1946

Fossil Penguins - 1946

Studies of the phytosaurs Machaeroprosopus and Rutiodon - 1947

Merychyinae, a subfamily of oreodonts - 1947

No title - 1948

Anurans from the early Tertiary of Patagonia - 1949

Promerycochoerinae, a new subfamily of oreodonts - 1949

No title - 1950

The ancestral crocodilian Protosuchus - 1951

Note on the geology of the Daban Area and the localities of the described nautiloids - 1952

Fossil mammals from the beginning of the Cenozoic in Brazil. Condylarthra, Litopterna, Xenungulata, and Astrapotheria - 1952

The Deseadan vertebrate fauna of the Scarritt Pocket, Patagonia - 1952

A pseudosuchian reptile from Arizona - 1952

The systematic postition of Lanthanotus and the affinities of the anguinomorphan lizards - 1954

No title - 1954

Triassic metoposaurid amphibians - 1956

Miniochoerinae and Oreonetinae two new subfamilies of oreodonts - 1956

The mastodonts of Brazil - 1957

Brachiopods of the Traverse Group (Devonian) of Michigan: Part 1. Dalmanellacea, Pentameracea, Strophomenacea, Orthotetacea, Chonetacea, and Productacea - 1959

The geology and paleontology of the Elk Mountain and Tabernacle Butte area, Wyoming - 1959

The species of Nimravus (Carnivora, Felidae) - 1959

Permian and Eotriassic bivalves of the middle Rockies - 1963

The Miocene faunas from the Wounded Knee area of western South Dakota - 1963

The Miacidae (Mammalia, Carnivora). Part 1, The systematics of Ictidopappus and Protictis - 1966

Deltatheridia, a new order of Mammals - 1966

A Review of the Rhinocerotoid Family Hyracodontidae (Perissodactyla) - 1967

Late Triassic fishes from the western United States - 1967

New Paleocene insectivores and insectivore classification - 1967

The Phylogeny of the Oreodonts. Part 1: Merycoidodontinae, Eporeodontinae, and Leptaucheniinae, Three Subfamilies Of Oreodonts, With an Appendix to the Revision Of The Merycoidodontidae, and Part 2. Summary and Conclusions Concerning the Merycoidodontidae - 1968

No title - 1968

Mixodectidae, Microsyopidae, and the insectivore-primate transition - 1969

The Triassic gliding reptile Icarosaurus - 1970

No title - 1970

No title - 1971

The Synthetoceratinae (Mammalia, Tylopoda, Protoceratidae) - 1971

Gastropoda and Monoplacophora of the Solsville member (Middle Devonian, Marcellus Formation) in the Chenango Valley, New York State - 1971

A review of the pre-Pliocene penguins of New Zealand - 1971

The systematics of the North American family Baenidae (Reptilia, Cryptodira) - 1972

The vertebrate fauna of the Judith River Formation, Montana - 1972

Early Pleistocene pre-glacial and glacial rocks and faunas of north-central Nebraska - 1972

The Enaliarctinae: A new group of extinct aquatic carnivora and a consideration of the origin of the otariidae - 1973

No title - 1973

No title - 1975

The natural history of nyala Tragelaphus angasi (Mammalia, Bovidae) in Mozambique - 1975

An Early Triassic fish assemblage from British Columbia - 1976

No title - 1976

No title - 1977

Stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of late Cenozoic deposits in central Sioux County, western Nebraska - 1977

A generic revision of the Protolabidini (Mammalia, Camelidae), with a description of two new protolabidines - 1978

Tylocephalonyx, a new genus of North American dome-skulled chalicotheres (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) - 1979

Revision of the Paleogene genus Glyptosaurus (Reptilia, Anguidae) - 1979

The Jurassic turtles of North America - 1979

No title - 1980

New Jurassic mammals from Como Bluff, Wyoming, and the interrelationships of non-tribosphenic Theria - 1981

Origin and History of the Erinaceinae and Brachyericinae (Mammalia, Insectivora) in North America - 1981

Middle Devonian Bivalvia from the Solsville Member (Marcellus Formation), central New York state - 1983

Systematics and phylogeny of Hipparion, Neohipparion, Nannippus, and Cormohipparion (Mammalia, Equidae) from the Miocene and Pliocene of the New World - 1984

Tertiary stratigraphy and the Frick Collection of fossil vertebrates from north-central Nebraska - 1984

Brachiopods of the Onondaga Limestone in central and southeastern New York - 1985

A phylogenetic, revised classification of genera in the Drosophilidae (Diptera) - 1990

Neotropical Chiroptera from the Pliocene and Pleistocene of Florida - 1991

Wasatchian (early Eocene) mammals and other vertebrates from Baja California, Mexico : the Lomas Las Tetas de Cabra fauna - 1991

Taxonomic revision of the Lysorophia, Permo-Carboniferous lepospondyl amphibians - 1991

Evolution of the trilobite subfamily Proetinae Salter, 1864, and the origin, diversification, evolutionary affinity, and extinction of the Middle Devonian proetid fauna of eastern North America - 1994

Morphology, adaptations, and relationships of Plesiorycteropus, and a diagnosis of a new order of eutherian mammals - 1994

Phylogenetic systematics of the Hesperocyoninae (Carnivora: Canidae) - 1994

Paleogeography of the Caribbean region: implications for Cenozoic biogeography - 1996

Evolutionary and biogeographic patterns in the Asteropyginae (Trilobita, Devonian) Delo, 1935 - 1997

Brachyceran Diptera in Cretaceous ambers and Mesozoic diversification of the Eremoneura - 1999

Phylogenetic systematics of the Borophaginae (Carnivora: Canidae) - 1999

The subtribes and genera of the tribe Broscini (Coleoptera: Carabidae): cladistic analysis, taxonomic treatment, and biogeographical considerations - 2000

Nomenclatural changes in the Staphylinidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) - 2001

New oreodont (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from the late Oligocene (early Arikareean) of Florida - 2003

Mimotricentes tedfordi, a new arctocyonid from the late Paleocene of California - 2003

Carnivora (Mammalia, Felidae, Canidae, Mustelidae) from the earliest Hemphillian Screw Bean Local Fauna, Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas - 2003

Dasyurids, Perameloids, Phalangeroids, and Vombatoids from the Early Pliocene Hamilton Fauna, Victoria, Australia - 2003

Notes on Early Oligocene ursids (Carnivora, Mammalia) from Saint Jacques, Nei Mongol, China - 2003

New material of Osbornodon from the early Hemingfordian of Nebraska and Florida - 2003

New procyonines from the Hemingfordian and Barstovian of the Gulf Coast and Nevada, including the first fossil record of the Potosini - 2003

New evidence of Miocene Protoceratidae including a new species from Chiapas, Mexico - 2003

New Late Uintan to Early Hemingfordian Land Mammal Assemblages from the Undifferentiated Sespe and Vaqueros Formations, Orange County, and from the Sespe and Equivalent Marine Formations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties, Southern California - 2003

Craniodental analysis of Merychippus insignis and Cormohipparion goorisi (Mammalia, Equidae), Barstovian, North America - 2003

Pinnipedimorph evolutionary biogeography - 2003

Phosphatochelys, a new side-necked turtle (Pelomedusoides: Bothremydidae) from the Paleocene of Morocco - 2003

Intercontinental migration of large mammalian carnivores: earliest occurrence of the Old World beardog Amphicyon (Carnivora, Amphicyonidae) in North America - 2003

Geology and paleontology of the upper John Day beds, John Day river valley, Oregon: lithostratigraphic and biochronologic revision in the Haystack Valley and Kimberly areas (Kimberly and Mt. Misery quadrangles) - 2004

Chapter 12: New felid material from the Ulaan Tologoi Locality, Loh Formation (early Miocene) of Mongolia - 2004

Chapter 5: Marsupial Mammals from the Albian–Cenomanian (Early–Late Cretaceous) Boundary, Utah - 2004

Morphology, phylogenetic taxonomy, and systematics of Ichthyornis and Apatornis (Avialae: Ornithurae) - 2004

New data on the skull and dentition of the Mongolia Late Cretaceous eutherian mammal Zalabdalestes - 2004

Moropus merriami in the early Barstovian Lower Snake Creek fauna of Nebraska, with comments on biogeography of North American chalicotheres - 2004

A polydolopine marsupial skull from the Cachapoal Valley, Andean Main Range, Chile - 2004

Evolution of the side-necked turtles: The families Bothremydidae, Euraxemydidae, and Araripemydidae - 2006

Phyletic diversification of the Cormohipparion occidentale complex (Mammalia; Perissodactyla, Equidae), Late Miocene, North America, and the origin of the Old World Hippotherium datum - 2007

Species taxonomy, phylogeny, and biogeography of the Brontotheriidae (Mammalia: Perissodactyla) - 2008

Morphology of the Late Cretaceous crocodylomorph Shamosuchus djadochtaensis and a discussion of neosuchian phylogeny as related to the origin of Eusuchia - 2009

Phylogenetic Systematics of the North American Fossil Caninae (Carnivora: Canidae) - 2009

The eutherian mammal Maelestes gobiensis from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia and the phylogeny of Cretaceous Eutheria - 2009

Long-Legged Pursuit Carnivorans (Amphicyonidae, Daphoeninae) From the Early Miocene of North America - 2009

The basal penguin (Aves: Sphenisciformes) Perudyptes devriesi and a phylogenetic evaluation of the penguin fossil record - 2010

An anatomical and phylogenetic study of the osteology of the petrosal of extant and extinct artiodactylans (Mammalia) and relatives - 2010

Generic revision of the Procirrina (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae, Pinophilini) - 2010

Evolution of Large Carnivores During the Mid-Cenozoic of North America: The Temnocyonine Radiation (Mammalia, Amphicyonidae) - 2011

The early evolution of archosaurs: relationships and the origin of major clades - 2011

Mammalian diversity and Matses ethnomammalogy in Amazonian Peru. Part 1: Primates - 2011

Nasutitermes crinitus name, in Treatise on the Isoptera of the world - 2013

Diverse orthorrhaphan flies (Insecta: Diptera: Brachycera) in amber from the Cretaceous of Myanmar: Brachycera in Cretaceous amber, part VII - 2016